The reason Corbin Fisher's content is so hot is because he find guys who really are straight. They are just curious, open minded guys who are ready for a walk on the wild side and brave enough to do a solo jerk-off session. After all, it's easy money - right? The straight ingenue meets some cool new buddies and it's a positive experience. Then Corbin waits, slowly pushing the limits of these straight boys as he turns them on with notions of getting sucked off by other guys. Before you know it, Corbin's patience pays off - and it all unfolds on camera. Then Corbin waits some more... Eventually, somehow, he gets two totally straight guys madly curious about how a nice hard dick would feel up their butts. With all his talk about a "male G-Spot" Corbin has the guys jerking themselves off to sleep at night fantasizing about it. Then he waits a little longer. And when the time is right, he brings together two straight guys who have never fucked before. You can tell it's blowing their minds as they fuck for the first time. And that, my friends, is just another typical day at the office for Corbin Fisher.

In this scene, we watch Dawson and Travis - two relative veterans (and favorites) at the site - as they show us how it really is possible for straight guys to have gay sex. Not because they're bi, but simply because they're young and horny!


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