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05/06/04 - Twinks Swallow 2 - by Eboys Video

Twinks Swallow 2

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OK with a name like "Twinks Swallow 2", you know it's a movie we just had to check out!

1. We love twinks.
2. We love twinks swallowing cum!
Match made in heaven :)

So when we first heard about Eboys Video's Twinks Swallow series, we jumped at the chance to review one of its films. And ohhhhh are we ever glad we did!

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

As obvious in the name, Twinks Swallow 2 stresses hot young twink boys gettin' down and dirty, wet and raunchy with loads of cum facials and hot loads firing off in to greedy and eager mouths. RAWR! It's also jampacked full of other hot, hardcore sex - nut busting butt pounding action, rimming, dildo play... and did we mention all the cum facials? We also shot a load from the DVD's main menu alone, as right there behind the menu items is a hot scene with a twink's face gettin' totally glazed in jizz over and over and over and over again! Once we managed to get beyond the main menu and in to the DVD itself, the fun kept comin'!

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

The video has six main scenes, each stayin' true to the movie's roots - naughty twinks and cum. The first scene has a hot Latino boy (a recurring bonus in Eboys Videos, it seems) and a textbook twink white boy gettin' all kinds of nasty with eachother. Our definite favorite parts were watching the twinky white one - complete with blond highlights, a baby face and a tight smooth body - gettin' that tight twink whole fingered like there's no tomorrow! But it's all about the facials in this one, and this scene has a winner! Know what I hate about some porn movies with facials? It's like the models don't want em. Right as that hard cock sprays a load all over their face, they close their eyes tight, clench their mouth shut, and it simply doesn't look like they're having any fun at all. Thankfully, Twinks Swallow 2's cumshot facial scenes are nothing like that! Thes twinks are on their knees begging for that load to be shot all over them, tongues out, mouths wide open, talkin' dirty. Holy canoli! And when they finally do get their cute faces blasted with goo, they're lickin' and lappin' it up and lovin' every moment of it! Now THAT's what a cum facial should be like!

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

Scene 2 has spikey bleach blond haired uber-twink, Caleb, and another super fine Latino-lookin' boy goin' at it like wild in more cock suckin', butt fingerin', ass bangin, cumshot action. Watchin' the fingering in this scene? You'd think they'd never in their lives experienced anything as great judgin' by just how much they're lovin' it. Caleb's a hot boy we've seen on a couple sites here and there and so were totally excited to find ourselves watching a video of him. And he didn't disappoint, engaging in what we think is one of the absolute hottest images possible in porn: jerking that hot cock of his off while his bronze-skinned buddy has his lips latched around the head of Caleb's cock, making sure that load has nowhere to go but all over his tongue and face. Jerkin' off with the head of your cock in someone's mouth? Ohhhh yeahhhh!!!! That's good stuff right there ;)

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

No porn movie is complete without some sizzlin' 3some action, and Twinks Swallows 2 delivers in full force! Yet another testament to just how in to it these twinks are and how much they're absolutely lovin' this, the 3 boys in this scene just go buckwild on eachother! You'll know what we're talkin' about when you see the one guy sweating up a storm, moaning and groaning and giving looks of sheer lust while his ass is railed by a buddy, his other friend's cock sliding in and out of his mouth. And you know what else a threesome means! More cocks to shoot cum on cute twink faces! Yeehaw!

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

If you didn't like Latino boys before you got your crusty palms on Twinks Swallow 2, you sure as heck will afterwards. Especially once you've scene Scene 4. Outdoors and poolside, 2 spicy Latin twinks go ballistic on eachother's cocks, suckin' eachother off like their lives depended on it. Si, por favor! All sweaty, spit-slickened, slobbering and juicy. Just the way we like it! Oh the goo in this scene! Not to mention rough and raw ass fucking and - you guessed it - more brilliant cumshots!

Ohhhh but what follows had to be our absolute favorite scene in the whole flick. Imagine a tight-bodied, skinny, smooth, boyish twink gettin' split in half by a huuuuuuuuuge dildo. Well you no longer have to just imagine it, as that's what you're now treated to! Man, these boys are wild! Anal beads, gargantuan dildos wreaking havoc on their hairless holes, raw butt fuckin', and more of the hungriest cum facial, load swallowing climaxes that are this flick's trademark? Goodness gracious! These twinks deserve medals for taking on the toys they do in this scene. No joke, the dildo is huuuuge. And our lanky twink sex-fiend in this scene takes it like a champ as his Latino buddy from Scene 2 works him over like a jackhammer. You'd think a guy that takes a massive dildo up his hole like that would be pure bottom, but nope! He shows off his awesome topping skills as well, pounding the daylights outta that Latin friend of his.

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2

One thing we saw was totally obvious with Eboys Video's Twinks Swallow 2 is they really, really make sure they get models who not only really love what they're doing, but make sure that's apparent in every aspect of the movies. The energy, lust, and pure thirst for hardcore sex these twinks demonstrate really makes this movie stand up above so many others. We mentioned cum facials where it's clear they really, REALLY want that hot load blasting across their faces. You can tell they totally love it! But it's also obvious with everything else - the moans and groans and whimpers and facial expressions, the dirty talk, the squirming and writhing and sweating. It's action-packed, high-energy twink sex through and through!

Twinks Swallow 2 Twinks Swallow 2Twinks Swallow 2

For an incredible twink flick with incredible twinks showing themselves off to be some of the most sex-hungry, gooiest boys on film, massive dildos, and load after load of hot twink cream splashing across equally hot twink faces and over darting twink tongues, Twinks Swallow 2 gets:

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd watch it again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

Watch the Twinks Swallow trailer from Eboys:
Twinks Swallow 2
Twinks Swallow 2 (WindowsMedia)

Check out Twinks Swallow 2 and Other Eboys Video Titles right now!

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Twinks Swallow 2

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