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07/27/04 - Sammy Case: The Interview

When JuicyGoo got the chance to interview Sammy Case, as you can imagine, we were insanely excited! He's one of our favorite porn stars out there and the epitome of "twink"! That shaggy blond hair, those big puppy dog eyes, that trim and tight bod, that big meaty cock, smooth skin... ARGH! He's sex on legs! We'd had his profile up on here for a good while, as well as several galleries of Sammy Case pics. And he'd proven to be one of the most popular models JuicyGoo has featured in our porn stars section. Then we found out that he was a dancer for a club in South Florida, The Boardwalk Bar, whose owners we knew! So immediately we asked them if we could get an interview with Sammy.

It's definitely a small world out there, because we also found out that one of our close friends' sites, BoyFunk.com, also had shot a buncha hot action scenes with Sammy and was releasing all of that on their site! So we exchanged e-mails for a little while and scheduled a time to call up Sammy. We then made the call and had a nice chat with him on the phone, just shootin' the breeze as well as asking him some questions that we figured JuicyGooers would want to know the answers to.

Let me say first of all that he's a total dream to talk to! His voice is as cute as the rest of him, and he's got this pleasant and sweet demeanor with an adorable laugh and giggle. For all of you Sammy Case Lovers out there, definitely be sure to check out his new upcoming site, SammyCase.net, as well as BoyFunk.com for his appearances there. And if you want to see Sammy up close and personal and getting naughty on stage, The Boardwalk Bar in South Florida is the place to be!

The BoySecrets.com crew recently interviewed Sammy, as well. A lengthy, personal, revealing and naughty interview with him that lasts near 15mins on video where Sammy shares everything from his first-time stories to deepest, hottest fantasies. And he also busts a big ole nut in the interview! So be sure to check that out!

And now, on to the interview!

Hey Sammy! Thanks for the interview! Ya know you're one of the most popular models featured on our site and people all over seem to love ya. Has all this attention caught you off guard? Did you think when you first did a shoot you'd get so big?

My pleasure! Yeah it really has caught me off guard. I mean I like it though but it totally caught me off guard and was a surprise.

So do people recognize you alot when youre out on the town or at clubs?

Sometimes yeah. I mean at Boardwalk Bar people know so I'm used to that. But some people are wierd or freaky about it hehe. But it's usually good.

I bet! What do you like to do for fun when you're not drivin' the rest of us crazy?

I like to spend time with friends, go out, clubs, dinner, yoga, work out. Stuff like that.

We can tell you work out! So you've recently appeared on BoyFunk.com. How was that?

That was cool. I'd never worked with a really small company, just 2 guys runnin the whole thing. It was really cool, though. I had lots of fun. Everything came out really nice for it.

Can we look forward to seeing more of you on there soon? You have some new sites coming out soon. What will those be like?

I've done some stuff for Colt Studios, including a movie. I'm not sure if I'll do more stuff for Colt but they said they wanted to use me again. BoyFunk I'd definitely like to work again with. As far as my site, SammyCase.net goes, not totally sure whats goin to be on the sites yet. But there will be lots of pictures, I'll talk to people, have a chatroom, respond to fanmail. I tend to get alot of that and just haven't had the time to write back but will with the new site.

And how about Boardwalk Bar? What exactly do you do there?

I've been dancing at Boardwalk Bar since April. It's lots of fun and I really like it.

So ya single? *wink wink*

*laughs* haha I just got out of a bad relationship so am single now. All I can say is dancers shouldn't date other dancers. *laughs*

Oh we know haha! Do you check out porn online for yourself? If so, what are your favorite sites?

I used to a lot more, but lately just haven't had much time to. When I did, I liked BadPuppy and BedFellow and all those little sites out there with free pictures.

Yum! And is there any pornstar out there that is your favorite?

There's this straight porn star named Julian who works for Vivid. He's really hot. Plus a model for AllBoy with angel wing tattoos on his back. I don't remember his name though. But they're both really hot.

Do you mind the term twink? You often get referred to as the "ideal twink".

haha I don't really mind it. But actually am not totally sure what it means. You hear it all the time but what does it actually mean?
Good question! hehe We're not totally sure either. Usually just a young, boyish guy between 18-22 who is smooth, skinny. We've also heard it meant "Teen Who's Into Nothing Kinky"
haha! Oh well then I'm definitely not a twink if that's what it means hehe. I'm not the most creative but I'm willing to give kink a try. If someone suggests or comes up with something I'm usually willing to try it out. I'm pretty open minded!

oh my! What's your favorite thing to do sexually?

I love sensual hot sex, bottoming or topping! I just like really nice hot sex, intense, and it doesn't have to be kinky or anything. Everyone assumes I'm a bottom but I like topping as well. I'm pretty versatile. People always cast me with tops which I dont mind but usually I end up doin' both so it's cool.

Hot! Speaking of which, are there any scenes or fantasies you have yet to do for a movie or site? Any sexual fantasies as yet unfulfilled?

I've never done anything with leather. That'd be fun. Uniforms as well! Either military uniforms or maybe school uniforms. If I were to produce my own porn I'd like to do something with uniforms. And it'd have Abercrombie guys! Abercrombie boys, couples and lovers. It wouldn't be as hardcore, just more sensual and intense.

Whew! That sounds hot. So you like Abercromie guys. What other celebs are you fond of?

Well in a non porn way hehe I really like Madonna. I saw her in concert in August and that was great. And I like the Fab 5 - the UK Queer Eye guys. I think the British ones are cuter than the American ones.

And what about your dream car?

A Mercedes coupe! Red or blue!

Us too! So we have to know, anything wierd or crazy ever happen on a porn shoot?

hehe not really crazy but my first photoshoot for AllBoy I was really uncomfortable. I was brand new, young, innocent, and felt just very awkward and uncomfortable. Working at BoyFunk was funny because the 2 guys who run that site were getting in fights with one another. Not mean ones but funny ones. It's really funny to be around hehe. It was fun but was just hilarious being around them since they were always getting on eachother's nerves. They're both really good friends with eachother, though. And we all became friends so it was really cool. (Ed.Note: We know the guys at BoyFunk.com and so we poked some fun at them for what Sammy said. The team there really gets along great and are the nicest, friendliest guys. So it's kinda funny hearing they have their "George and Weezy Jefferson" moments like a married couple! How cute! There are two of us here at JuicyGoo as well and though we're best friends, boy do we get on eachother's nerves a lot as well! But then we have make up sex! Which makes me wonder if the guys at BoyFunk have make up sex with one another... hot!) And I always get in fights with the guys at BoyFun.com. We have a funny relationship as well. But we recently made up again so things are good.

It sounds like you're really havin' fun! What will you be up to in the near future? Any place people should look for you?

Well I'm going to be travelin' to Montreal and New York in late July and early August, hitting up some strip clubs in Montreal, and just doin touristy stuff in NY. I also know some people who run a site and stuff up in NY and will be doing some work with them. So it should be fun!

Awesome! Well we can't thank you enough for takin' the time to chat with us and loads of thanks to the guys at Boardwalk Bar for lining up this interview! It was really a blast chattin' with ya and hopefully we can again soon!

Thank you! I had fun hehe. Maybe we'll talk again soon!

Oh we can only hope! What a total sweetheart Sammy is! We didn't want to hang up the phone! Again, JuicyGoo wants to thank Boardwalk Bar for getting the interview set up and definitely if any of you are ever in the South Florida area and want to check out tons of hot boys dancing and struttin' their stuff for you on stage - including everyone's favorite twink, Sammy Case! - be sure to check them out! You can find out more on Boardwalk Bar and Sammy at BoardwalkBar.com!

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