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07/27/04 - Sammy Case Revealed!

JuicyGooers love Sammy Case. There's no secret about that! Since we first put his profile up and online, it's been the most popular and most visited one on all of JuicyGoo! Another one of the most popular features on all of JuicyGoo is one of our close friend and sponsor sites, BoyFunk.com. So when we found out that Sammy Case and BoyFunk.com were going to get together and Sammy would be appearing on that amazing site with BoyFunk uber-hottie Elijah, we were giddy as can be!

As a special gift to all you Gooers, BoyFunk fans, Elijah fanatics, and Sammy lovers, BoyFunk.com and their own partner site, BoySecrets.com, have given us a buncha steamy, sexy, nut-busting photos from Sammy's debut on BoyFunk!

They also let us know that Sammy appears in exclusive, original, and brand new footage on BoySecrets.com, a site aptly named because it's jampacked full of interviews of some of the hottest boys around revealing their darkest, dirtiest, naughtiest, sexiest secrets on camera for you! The site is genius. We love getting to know the hot twinks and pornstars that get our juices flowing. So BoySecrets.com really made our day when they came out with a site that has hot guys sitting down, face to face with the camera and getting asked the most personal questions imaginable and telling real, true stories of first time sexual experiences, wildest sexual escapades, craziest sexual fantasies... you'll blow your load before they even get their pants off! (and they do get their pants off, btw... working themselves up so much reliving their hot first times and thinking about their insanely hot fantasies they can't help but whip their dicks out and beat off to furious orgasm after orgasm.

So be sure to check out both BoyFunk.com and BoySecrets.com for the hottest, hardcore Sammy action on the web!

Sammy and Elijah!

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