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02/08/05 - Raw Luck - by Raw

Raw Luck

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When we first came across this movie, we knew we had to get this sonofabitch reviewed ASAP. Cuz it's got hot boys? Eh... lotta movies got hot boys. Cuz it's raw? Meh... lotta raw movies out there these days. Cuz it's from Eastern Europe? Hrm... too many Eastern European movies out there to even name.

We knew we had to review this movie because of the boy on the cover - Cameron Jackson. Holllllyyyyy Smokes is this guy a hottie! And not just any kinda hot. He's the kinda hot you see in a porn and are like "OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M WATCHING THIS GUY HAVE SEX!!!!" He's frickin' hot as all hell!! Sure, it's a no brainer, but havin' anyone but this boy be on the cover of any movie he's in would be a total travesty of justice.

And that's quite a statement with this movie because it's jampacked full of stunningly, painfully, amazingly hot boys. It's just that even among all the sizzling hot boys in this cast, Cameron stands out. That's how hot he is. Don't get me wrong, though, because there's not a guy in this movie that it's not brilliant to see naked and fucking, sucking, rimming, and cumming. Among the Eastern European beauties in this flick are Cameron Jackson (duh! The cover boy! Our new crush! Too hot for words!!!), Jay Renfro (who is, himself, quite a stunning specimen with a gorgeous body that you just wanna fuck the livin' hell outta... which is quite good cuz you get to watch that happen in this flick), Michael Armano (a total sex fiend in this flick), Robert Driveman (whoa... stud!), Patrik Maxwell (cuuuuuute! The epitome of naughty twink), Rico Suro (a total bottom boy stud), Dion Phillips (the body on this blond-tipped haired hottie is stunning), Kevin Mitchel (gorgeously tan and slim), Steve Rives (huge-dicked bottom), Steve Mitchel (Europe's resident Boy-Next-Door), Jason Hill and Chris Cloony (two masculine stud jocks who give Jay his total working over).

The plot? Well... who gives a shit, really?! They're hot! They fuck!

The end!

Ok, ok, We'll give ya plot. Directed by Vlado Iresch (who has quite a boat load of Eastern European twinky gay porn flicks under his belt), the movie starts off with... well... some really wierd dancing by Jay Renfro. Dunno what that's all about but it was just... kinda... odd. Now, Jay is hot. He's hot as fuck, really. His body is flawless - not too big, but defined and smooth and slim and cut - and so it's quite nice seeing him gyrate around and dance. But at the same time it didn't make a whole lotta sense. Maybe Vlado was just so digging Jay's hotness that even the awkward dancing seemed suitable for the flick? Who knows. But we put the DVD on FF-scan here (that's fast forward, not fist fuck) to skip through it, albeit hitting play every now and then when there was a close up shot of Jay's face and chest because he's just really, really nice to look at. But we wanted to see sex, not dancing. Even if the dancing was by some incredibly hot boy.

Thankfully the sex starts up quite soon as Jay stops dancing wierdly and starts writing a little journal and tellin' us a story about how his friend Cameron (INSTA-SPLOOGE!) shows up at Michael's house for a little photo session. Now we're talking. Photog Michael has Cameron strip and pose in the studio and simply can't take it any more, throwing the camera aside and burying his face between Cameron's flawless ass cheeks to eat out his hot hole for awhile. It's kinda like Hollywood, where if you wanna do well in front of the camera you gotta give up some o' dat ass. And Cameron doesn't seem to mind at all as Michael rims that tight pucker of his like it was the last hot Euro boy butthole on earth. When you see this video, with Cameron teasing the camera and stripping down naked, you'll wish with all your might that you were in Michael's place and eatin' out that hole as well. As Michael then spins Cameron around to swallow his stiff rod, cutie boy Steve Mitchell shows up at the studio. No one in their right mind would turn away from the site he sees before him, so he immediately jumps in to the fray and whips his dick out so that Michael can suck on Cameron and Steve at the same time.

What a lucky bastard Michael is, 2 insanely gorgeous blond beauties standing before him, their hard, dripping cocks fighting to plug his mouth. And he's only gonna get luckier! Pretty soon he's bent over, taking Steve's big cock up his hole raw and deep on one end and swallowing Cameron's cock down his throat at the other. Doing his best impression of a pig at a luau, Michael's taking every inch of cock he can get in to both his holes and we, the viewers, are the most jealous bastards on the face of the planet right about now. The director does his best to keep us from feeling too left out, though, giving us some hot closeups of Euro boy cock slidin in to Euro boy hole deep and hard, pulling out all the way before plunging back in to a hungry, winking asshole. The live sound definitely is a plus, as well, as we can hear every splish and splash and moan and groan as if we were right in the middle of it all ourselves.

Pretty soon, we're treated to the awesome site of Cameron having his turn at being a bottom and taking Steve's big dick up that pretty ass of his, and it sure as hell doesn't disappoint!

Porn was invented so that folks like us could see guys like Cameron take it up the ass. Hot damn, this boy is hot, and the only thing hotter than a stunningly gorgeous, blond European boy is a stunningly gorgeous, blond European boy with a dick slamming his hole! :) Obviously, Cameron is liking it just as much as we are, jerking his cock against Michael's tongue while Steve slides his dick in and out of his ass, and soon blows his load all over Michael's face and in to his mouth. And you're damn right Michael licks plenty of it up! Who wouldn't?! Cameron's obviously got some damn good genes, so ya don't waste those! Steve follows Cameron's load with his own, pulling his dick out of Cameron's well-fucked hole to bust his nut all over Cameron's cock, balls and chest. Steve fires off quite an impressive one, and by now Cameron's just drenched.

But that's not the end of it! What's the only thing hotter than a stunningly gorgeous, blond European boy just recently fucked? A stunningly gorgeous, blond European boy just recently fucked and with a hot load of cum all over his face!!! Michael obliges, shooting his goo all over Cameron's hot face and giving him a royal glazing. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Well damn... if that's just the first scene, how the hell do we get through the rest without wanking our dicks raw (if not completely off)?!

We're troopers, though, so off to scene 2 we go! In this one, Michael apparently took enough photos before gettin' every orifice on his body jampacked full of cock in the studio to throw together a little exposition. A whole gaggle of gorgeous boys shows up to check out Michael's work, but Jay writes in his journal that Cameron - the star of the expo - never showed up at the party! Turns out Cameron was stuck on a train that was running way behind schedule or broken down or something (they have Amtrak in Europe?!), and so the expo started without him. Fortunately for us, the hot boys at the party have no problem whatsoever having hot fun despite Cameron's absence. Michael's so horny and hungry for cock that he takes Dion Phillips upstairs to get his lips wrapped around his dick. But they can't even wait til they get all the way upstairs before overcome with all out horniness, and so right there on the landing Dion gets naked and Michael starts to worship his body with his lips and tongue. What a body it is, too! Dion is as sculpted as sculpted gets, and his blond-tipped hair just adds to his hotness factor. That he has a big, thick, curved cock doesn't hurt, either! Michael sucks Dion's cock like a fiend, pausing only to rim or slide his finger's up Dion's hairless hole. Pretty soon, Dion can't take it anymore and rewards Michael's efforts with a huge load shot all over his face. Only 2 scenes in to the movie and Michael's swallowed more semen than the Bermuda Triangle (that joke works better spoken than written).

Where is Cameron, anyway? Still stuck on his train and late for the party as we head in to scene 3. This one's a scorcher, as well. While sitting on the train waiting for it to get moving, Cameron's joined by a total jock boy military stud who - and you can't blame him for this one - knows he wants himself a piece of Cameron the instant he lays eyes on him. Sure enough, without even exchanging a word, both hotties move from blatant flirtation to all out fuckathon action on the train. First, military boy Robert swallows Cameron's cock to the hilt, devouring every centimeter (that's some measurement scale they use in that part of the world) of Cameron's rock hard wang. This scene showcases not only Cameron's amazing body and hot cock, but also introduces us to Robert's. And damn, is he a stud! And just like most military boys I've come across in my life, Robert's a hungry bottom!! After getting his military cock sucked by Cameron's beautiful mouth for awhile, and having his twitching hole tongue-fucked, slicked up and eaten out by Cameron, Robert's soon gettin' his hole pounded raw by Cameron's hard cock. Cameron fucks him good and hard, too, proving he ain't just a pretty bottom boy and he's got the skills to work over some ass himself. In fact, he fucks Robert so good, the military bottom boy is soon spraying his load all over the train cabin. After blowing ropes of goo all over the place, Robert still wants more of Cameron's rod up his ass and sits Cameron down on the train bench to mount and ride him for all he's worth. You know Robert's ass is driving Cameron wild, too, as Cameron ends up gettin' Robert on his knees and blasting a massive load all over the military boy's face, who hungrily licks and laps up every drop he can get. Cameron's load is pretty impressive and intense in this scene, and Robert's loving every bit of it.

As much as we don't want to tear our eyes away from Cameron - especially in a post-orgasmic, cum-soaked bliss after his train fuck - we're on to scene 4. Thankfully, Mr. Iresch makes sure this scene is as hot as can be, too. Back at the party and after enough time for the cute boys here to have had enough drinks to get a good buzz on and leave all their inhibitions behind, we find Kevin Mitchell and Steve Rives all alone and in a bathroom. Neither one passing up the opportunity to get it on with a hot buddy, Kevin and Steve trade BJs for awhile (check out Steve's cock... it's massive, appearing even more huge since Steve is such a boyish, slim twink) before tan, dark-haired Kevin gets Steve bent over the bathroom sink and buries his cock deep in to his buddy's hole.

Steve's in for some hardcore fucking, too, as Kevin pounds him long and hard, pulling his cock all the way out before driving it back in, teasing Steve's hole, and working him over good. The boys then move over to the middle of the bathroom, where Steve gets on all fours and invites Kevin over to do him doggy. Quick to oblige, Kevin mounds Steve from the rear and fucks skinny little Steve so good you expect him to get split in two! After pulling out and busting his nut all over Steve's back and ass, Kevin proves himself quite the cum hungry sex fiend when Steve strokes himself off to climax and shoots right in to Kevin's mouth and all over his face and tongue. Kevin wants all he can get, sucking every last drop of Steve's cum out of his cock as it drips off his lips and slides down his throat. This is definitely one of this movie's best cumshot scenes, with Kevin treating the money shot as if it's just the beginning, rather than end, of the scene. He wants every drop he can get!

In scene 5, Jay makes up for the wierd dancing scene at the start of the movie by being the centerpiece of some all out, insanely hot fucking. After abandoning his journal to go up to his room and get some shuteye, Jay's blissfully asleep and totally unaware of the fact that two studly burglars break in to his house. Sure enough, they get lucky when they come across the uber hot Jay alone and asleep on his bed. Well, they broke in to the house to score themselves something nice, and they sure as hell found it! Jay's face is adorable and his body is incredible, and they're all over him in an instant, holding him down while they strip him bare and swallow his rod. At first surprised and shocked, Jay soon realizes just how great this all feels and how frikkin' hot it all is, sucking off his assailants and letting them have their way with his hole. While Jay and one of the burglars 69, the other gets behind our hot little bottom boy, drives his dick home, and starts pounding the heck out of Jay's hole. This fuck scene is intense, as Jay's ass gets used and abused and he just keeps wanting more and more. With one burglar fucking his throat and the other slamming his ass, Jay takes it like a champ. I could watch this scene on a loop over and over and over again and be perfectly content. Jay getting his ass and face fucked is a brilliant sight to behold.

An irresistable sight, in fact, as two cops that show up to the house hot on the trail of the burglars can't bring themselves to interrupt the blazingly hot scene before their eyes as Jay, one burglar's cock buried deep in his ass and the others deep down his throat, sprays a hot load of cum all over his own chest. This is enough to drive both burglars over the brink, as they cover Jay's body and face in ropes of jizz.

So turned on by it all, the cops run downstairs to have their own all out fuck fest, with gorgeously twinky Patrick and studly Rico swapping blowjobs before Patrick has Rico bent over the back of the sofa, his big Euro boy dick splitting Rico's ass. We dig seeing twink boys gettin' their asses slammed by studly jocks - the kinda treatment Jay gets from the burglars - but it's equally hot to see a slim, twink, pretty boy with an impressive cock working over some jock stud's hole. And that's what you get in this scene, as Patrick proves that twinks ain't just pretty bottom boys and gives it to Rico good, hard and long before he finishes off with a hot facial cum shot.

This movie's a scorcher, in no small part due to the fact that the boys in it are just so damn hot. Hell, they could have been playing lawn croquet and chess and we still woulda busted a nut watching them. That's how hot these boys are. That the sex is intense, the cum flies every which way, and Cameron Jackson sucks, gets sucked, rims, gets rimmed, fucks and gets fucked, and every other boy in the flick is at the top of the hotness chart as well? This movie is a great many guaranteed orgasms for anyone who watches it. We're not sure just who the "luck" in "Raw Luck" is meant to apply to, but if you get the chance to lay eyes on this flick and spank your monkey to it, you'll consider yourself pretty gosh darn lucky.

This movie is hot, and we can't wait to see these boys in future flicks as well. For gorgeous, Eastern European beauties in insanely hot fuck scenes that'll drain your balls dry over and over again, Raw Luck gets:

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd watch it again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

Get lucky with Raw Luck!

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