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Gay Randy Blue: Reese, James, Jason Hawke, Lindo, Brodie, Cole, Ryan, Kyle, Jay
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03/09/04 - RandyBlue.com


RandyBlue's Loren
RandyBlue's Jeremy
RandyBlue's Jason and Jeremy
RandyBlue's Shane
RandyBlue's Kale
RandyBlue's Jay J
RandyBlue's Jason
RandyBlue's Micky
RandyBlue's Mitchell
RandyBlue's Corbyn
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So what makes a "mega site"? Well if ya ask us, a mega site has to have all of several different things:

1. Tons and tons of their own exclusive content unavailable anywhere else. This is key. Cuz some sites that call themselves "mega sites" out there ain't nothin' but stuff you can find on every damn porn site on the web. We want original. We want exclusive. We want boys we ain't seen nowhere else and that no one else is gettin' to see unless they're like us - privileged members of the megasite "club". ;)
2. Tons and tons of bonus features. Like awesome live chat features, loads of videos, voyeur cams, and all that extra stuff that makes joining a site that much more of a deal.
3. Hot guys! Cuz dammit you can have a gazillion billion megawatt kilojigabyte fluxcapacitor 88mph googlybot liters of hardcore butt-bangin' video but it don't do us a whole helluva lotta good if the guys are all nasty!! They gotta be hot. They gotta be yummy. They gotta be nut bustably fantastic!
4. So many hotties havin' so much sex in so many pics and vids and bustin' so many nuts that it'd take us years to see all of it.

Mega Site, dammit! Mega! Ya gotta have so much porn we hire our friends to watch some of it for us just so we can catch it all.

When we first wandered in to RandyBlue, we were expecting just a fun little site with some super duper hotties. In case you didn't know, RandyBlue is known for having some of the tastiest boys in porn gracing the members' area. We went in to see Jeremy Jordan. RAWR. We like Jeremy Jordan ;) And we knew he was on RandyBlue so we had to snatch a peek! (Using the word "snatch" on a gay porn site. 2 points for us!) But when we got inside? Oh yes, RandyBlue has Jeremy Jordan. And about a million other hotties! And tons of video! And pics! And feeds! And movies! Holy sausage canoli! It's a megasite!

RandyBlue RandyBlueRandyBlue

Seriously, everywhere you go there's more and more porn. Go to the exclusive video section and there's page after page of it. Go to the original pics section and there's loads upon loads of em. Go to the models page and there's an endless stream of em. Including Jeremy Jordan! (RAWR!) Be sure to check out Loren and Jason Hawke, as well. But for reals we could go on and on about which ones we liked the most because just when we thought we'd had our pick of the litter, we kept finding more and more that made us gooier and gooier. From the most scrumptious twinks on the net to the studliest college jock boys, tattoo'd punk boys, saucy Latino boys... they just keep coming! The quality of the photos and video is outstanding - and it comes in several different formats so you're sure to be able to see it all - so you see and hear all when these hot, hot, HOT RandyBlue boys are strokin' themselves off, suckin', fuckin', gettin' fucked, gettin sucked, rimmin', and workin' themselves over with dildos (oh my!).

RandyBlue RandyBlue
Click The Above Images To Examples Of The Video and Model Pages

If you live long enough to see all of RandyBlue's original and exclusive content, there's an endless supply of more orgasm-inducing naked boys courtesy of Freshmen Mag, Squirtz, SexGaymes, LiveAndRaw, and on and on and on. Not to mention a hardcore movie theatre with thousands upon thouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusands of hardcore gay porn vids. AHHH! Plus, RandyBlue hooks you up with two completely different pay sites as well - and gives you full access to both! AmateurJerkOff.com and TwinkJerkOff.com. That's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the porn you get.

RandyBlue RandyBlueRandyBlue RandyBlue

Hot guys! Hot sex! And unbelievable huge amounts of it! RandyBlue has only been around for about a year, but we gotta say they've raised the bar for gay porn sites. It could very well be that you join RandyBlue and never EVER have to join another porn site for as long as you live cuz you'll either 1) Die from exhaustion wankin' yourself silly to all this hot porn 2) Don't have the kinds of super hero powers it'd take to see all of the huge amounts of porn on this site.


But ENOUGH! We're wasting our time writing this review for you! I gotta get back to watching Loren beat off and fire a load all over himself :D


And if we run in to you over at RandyBlue, HANDS OFF OUR TISSUES! We plan on using them all...

For a truly unlimited supply of tons and tons of porn and some of the absolute hottest boys on the whole garsh darn internet, RandyBlue most definitely deserves:

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn site, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd go there again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

No one does Goo like RandyBlue!

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