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bel ami exclusive ralph woods
Ralph Wood's Stats
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130
Build: Swimmer
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: White
Orientation: Gay
Position: Versatile
Videography: Bel Ami XL Files Part 6
Languages: English, French
Athletic Skills: Rollerblading, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cycling
Performance Skills: Comedian, Adult Entertainment Performer
The Inteview
I'm entering the beautiful lobby of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV feeling a little nervous because today I will be meeting one of the cutest guys that do gay porn. Knowing what a lot of these young stars are like I'm a little unsure wheather he will even show up. Is he going to have an attitude? Ralph Woods is there right on time. I watch him from a distance and notice he gets a lot of looks from passing girls and sometimes even from guys with girlfriends. He looks gorgeous and I am starting to wish we could do our interview in my room. I introduce myself and we sit down at the bar. I offer to buy him a drink, but he says he does not drink too much. I get myself a beer to cool down.

How do you like Vegas and why did you come here?
I came here to promote my own website and make contacts in the industry. The main reason why im here is to meet webmasters and get business deals :) I also came here sponsored by belami and did some promotion of a first movie that just came out: XL files part 6 which is a solo compilation!

Do a lot of people recognize you on the street?
I was actually very surprised about this, I walk in the casino and some fans did recognize me and ask for pictures lol. It always makes me happy because it is so unexpected.

What was your dream job when you were a little boy?
I actually thought about being in the sex industry but not that much! [laughs] This is what im doing for now, I don't know what is my dream job yet, im thinking hard! haha!

Can you give me a list of your favorite top 5 porn websites?

What did you fantasize about the last time you jerked off?
A guy I had an adventure with, it was really hot, so I was actually remembering all of this! :p

What advice would you give to young guys that want to be in porn?
If you do it, do it well and do it right. It is a very dirty industry and it is nothing like what it seems. If you start in the industry, I believe it's better to do a carreer out of it than just one movie because everything you do will follow you for the rest of your life. Think twice before acting.

Can you remember your favorite TV show when you were 6?
I have some flashes but not enough to be able to say the name of the show. This is such a young age. [ha ha] I was actually in Europe from age 1 to 6 and lived in Germany. Most of the shows were German so I don't really remember! :p

Favorite things to do during sex?
I love to deep throat a guy and I'm vey skilled at this. Other than that, I am versatile but mostly a top. I enjoy it all. What I don't like is someone that doesn't do anything in bed.

Do you have a role model?
I actually am my own role model. I like to make my own choices and because this industry can be dirty, it's always better to take your own decisions and do what you think. I do admire pornstars that are very big and had made their mark in the industry.

Does your cock have a name or have your boyfriends ever given it names?
This question actually made me laugh when I read it! [ha ha] I never really thought about it, perhaps Mr. Woods?

What would you like to say to all your fans at JuicyGoo.com?
A great big thanks to all of you guys for supporting me and encouraging me, you are a big part of the reason why I am successful! Check out my website at www.ralph-woods.com and my free blog at www.ralphwoodsblog.com and come chat with me there!

It is nice to see Ralph is a real professional and has got his shit together. He works on his sites mostly by himself and really knows what he wants. We talk for a little more and then I have to run back to my hotel ... to shoot my load thinking about this strikingly clever fella and his Mr. Woods.

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bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods
bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods
bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods
bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods bel ami exclusive ralph woods
  bel ami exclusive ralph woods  
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