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11/09/04 - Lust Winter - by Eboys Video

Lust Winter

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First off, let me cut through the bullshit and just tell you straight up:

Lust Winter gets The Golden Nut.

This movie is fucking hot. HOT. HOT. HOT. Dare I say it, it's one of the absolute hottest flicks around. Brilliantly hot. Sizzlingly hot. Scorchingly hot. Insanely hot. Amazingly hot. Get it. Watch it. Blow infinite loads to it. Love it. EBoys Video, you guys outdid yourselves with this one. It's stunning.

OK! Now... let's take a deep breath. Calm down. And proceed with the review.

Lust Winter is EBoys Video's bareback bonin', cum facial-blasting, spooge eating, latest twink-tacular production out of Europe. Featuring megahot Euro twink boys hanging out at a remote cabin up in some snow-covered part of France somewhere (We think it's France. Several of the boys have French names. There's some French being spoken. Quite frankly, we didn't quite bother to research this in depth because we were too busy being blown away by just how fucking hot this movie is), havin' a blast with their winter wonderland vacation and eventually getting down to some cocksplosive sex all over the damn place.

Really, now. We usually try and throw out some nifty little innuendo, puns, analogies and double entendres when we write these things but it's really difficult to with this review because we simply can't get over how hot all the fucking - and the boys doing the fucking! - is in this flick!

Alas... discipline, Goo Reviewers! Must... Get... Through... This... Review! Be thankful I'm dedicated to this or else I'd just say "FUCK YOU! I'M OFF TO WATCH THIS MOVIE AGAIN!"

The flick opens up with all of these Euro hotties introducing themselves to ya. I got a C in intermediate French but was nonetheless able to catch most of their names (because their names actually appeared in type on screen but anyways). The hot boys are: Alexandre (marry me!), Chippo (do me!), Mario (make me your woman!), James (ravish me!), Serge (I want you... bad!), Roy (your penis. my anus. NOW!), Andrew (hey... that name's not very French... but do me anyway!), and Dima (RAWR!).

The thing you'll notice immediately about all these boys is they're not the usual waifish types that come out of a lot of European twink flicks. They ain't all famished-lookin' skinny to the point you half expect to see their belly pokin' out everytime someone drives a dick in to their ass. These boys not only have gorgeous faces, but also amazing bodies. All cut. All defined. All trim and tight bodies. No freakishly skinny ones. No huge buff ones. Just hot, tight and toned twink bodies. And their faces? Oh lawwwwwwwd have mercy! Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous, each and every single one. I honestly don't think I've seen a movie with such a hot ensemble than this one. A lot of times with porn flicks some heinous looking type will pop up outta nowhere and you find yourself thinking "What the fuck is this guy doing in porn?! How'd he get cast in this? Did the director owe him a gambling debt or something?" but not this flick. All hot, down to the very last twink. Alexandre is my personal favorite. He's got a flawless body and a huge, thick cock that he slams in to his buddies' holes at numerous points throughout the movie. James is also smoking hot, with that shaggy dark hair and - again - awesomely defined body. That he's the movie's designated pig bottom makes for quite the bonus. You twink lovers that get off on the twinkiest of twinks will especially like Andrew and Chippo.

After introducing themselves and getting your cock hard and dripping in anticipation for the action upcoming, the boys run around in the snow, wrasslin', throwing snowballs at one another (oh, you can be sure we'll make a snowball pun in this review at some point), and having an all out playful time with one another, returning to their cabin to get naked and naughty in the sauna. I imagine heaven to be like the sauna in Lust Winter, jampacked full of smokin' hot boys who most definitely are the ones creatin' the steam and raising the temperatures in those close quarters as they play around, grope one another, play some grabass, and then all run outside buck-ass-naked to play in the snow, steam comin' off their bodies. This must be some uniquely European thing because, quite frankly, there's no way in hell I'm gonna take my naked ass outside and roll around in the snow. I can't even pick up an ice cube to put in my drink without crying like a little girl.

After some fun in the snow - at which point you're freaking out hoping none of their dicks fall off from frostbite before you get to watch them ram some smooth twink ass - it's back in to the cabin for some less frigid fun and games. More touching and feeling, kissing and making out, stroking and licking, pillow fights, and horny boy play that's just a teaser for what's to come (besides you).

The first full action scene starts off with my future husband, Alexandre, throwing some wood in to the fire to warm things up a bit. Oh, and things will definitely heat up when he starts throwing his wood in to some tight twink hole (ZIIIIIIING!!!! OK that one was too easy)! He's soon joined by a shaggy haired blondish twink, Chippo, who quickly distracts Alexandre from his chores and they both get caught up in some hardcore, raw sex. After trading blowjobs, Alexandre bends his little ubertwink buddy over the table to chow down on his hairless hole. And he gets full on up in there! Burying his tongue inside, spreading those cheeks and going to town on that ass, driving his young twink friend crazy. The way the shaggy haired boy writhes around, moans and groans and whimpers while getting his ass eaten is enough to have you blowing your load before you've seen any penetration!

That's right. Live sound, so you can hear these boys loving every bit of that cock in their ass and tell how hungry they are for more. With their grunts and groans, moans and whimpers, you know they want it and they want it bad. And the live sound is complimented by some awesome camera work that shows all the right things - closeups of bare cocks sliding in and out of slick, smooth holes. Zooming in on the faces so you can see the looks of pure lust and ecstasy of these beautiful boys. Pulling back to show you the full image of their full bodies, positions and every bit of action. You don't miss out on anything and we never found ourselves the least bit displeased with the camera work and sound. Everything we wanted to see, we saw and in exactly the right amounts.

After getting his buddy's hole slick with spit, Alexandre slowly starts working his big cock in to it and driving his little buddy wild. It's quite a sight, that big dick splitting that hot young hole, working its way in deeper and deeper as our shaggy haired bottom boy, bent over the table still, squirms around and groans in pleasure. And once he's got it deep in side, Alexandre starts pounding his little boy toy good and hard. My estimate is you'll blow at least two loads in this first scene alone. When we watched it (2 of us sat down to watch it together) we kept saying all throughout "Holy shit, that's hot! Oh my gawd! Whoa!". After having his way with that ass, Alexandre spins his bottom buddy around so that Chippo is on his back, head hanging off the table so he can fuck his throat. And in what becomes a splendid recurring theme in this movie, he eventually pulls out to blow thick ropes of cum all over his boy toy's hot face. And this bottom boy is hungry for every ounce, licking the cum up off his lips, milking that cock for more, then using his fingers to wipe the jizz from his cheeks and chin to eat up all he can. Alexandre's had his way with this naughty little bottom and departs, leaving our cum hungry twink to blast off a load of his own while still licking up every ounce he can off his face and fingers.

If you've made it through scene 1 without needing quadruple bypass surgery, you're set for scene 2. What would a movie stocked full of gorgeous boys be without the requisite 3way scene? This one starts off with another of our faves, James, and that amazing body and face of his. He's the studly yet twinky, shaggy black haired boy that's deservedly on the cover of the DVD. He and a blond buddy, Serge, are fooling around in the loft, getting eachother worked up and randy when yet another blondie peeks upstairs to catch 'em in the act. Sure enough, spyboy Mario can't resist joining in and what ensues is an all out fucktastic 3some where the peeping twink soon finds himself propped up on the bed doggy style, one twink cock slamming his ass bare while he swallows every inch of James' impressive meat. When we first saw James during the opening credits, we hoped to hell he'd do some bottoming in this flick, and thankfully he does! And ohhhhhhh does he ever. After he and his buddy have worked over their spying friend at both ends, it's James' turn to take some raw cock up his hole. Our spy bottom wants his turn at some ass and gets it, dicking James' to the hilt while the shaggy, black haired hottie's on his back with his legs up in the air. James proves himself to be quite the horny pig bottom, the noises he makes while gettin' plowed bare making it damn well obvious he loves dick and can't get enough. Soon, the blond top blows a big load all over James' chest and cock - and then takes his still-dripping cock and slides it back in to James' hungry hole! The camera man gives us a treat with a close up of that cum-slickened dick sliding back in to James' ass, jizz dripping off and oozing out of that tight hole while James' moans for more.

James wants some hot twink goo at both ends, though, and soon his other buddy is blasting a load all over his face while James licks up all he can get. In Lust Winter, the action doesn't stop when the boys cum! They keep going, sucking out every last drop of cum, rubbing it all over eachothers' bodies and faces, milking out every bit of goo there is. James, his face glazed in cream and aglow in a look of pure bliss, eats up and sucks out all the cum he can while we're left panting and staggering our way in to scene 3.

This scene features a combo that almost never fails - a tall, studly young dark haired boy and a shorter, blond, pretty boy. Andrew, the ultra twinky blond, and his buddy Roy, are quick to get down to business, with Andrew dropping to his knees to work Roy's big dick over with that pretty mouth of his (He shore gotta purdy mouth!). Roy wants more than just a mean blowjob, though, and throws Andrew on to his back on a table, holds his legs up by the ankles, and drives his bare cock deep in to buddy's ass.

Every boy that gets fucked in this flick loves it, their rockhard cocks serving as proof. Andrew is no exception, as his twink dick is fully stiff the entire time his hole gets plowed. After taking Roy's meat on his back for awhile, it's time for Andrew to stand up and take Roy's cock from behind. We love this position... the top and bottom both standing up, bottom bent over slightly and using the table as support while the top drives his wang home from the back. That it's Andrew and Roy doing it in this scene just makes it that much better. Don't let Andrew's innocent young face fool you, though. He's a lust-driven fiend, his hard cock swaying and bouncing around while his ass gets slammed, the noises he makes letting Roy know he wants it all. We're soon treated to the sight of Andrew on his knees, mouth wide open in front of Roy's cock while Roy strokes himself off to a blasting orgasm all over Andrew's face and in to his mouth. Not to be outdone by the cum-loving bottoms in the first two scenes, Andrew wraps his lips around Roy's cock to milk out more cum. While we're stoked to see Andrew's face covered in jizz, you can't help but think Andrew wishes it all went in to his mouth and down his throat as he licks and sucks up all he can after Roy's explosive orgasm. Roy doesn't want to be left out, however, and tastes some of his own load - here's that snowballing we were talking about! - when he and Andrew make out and kiss.

Now, scene 4 made us immediately giddy with glee when we realized Alexandre from scene 1 and James from scene 2 were going to get naughty and raunchy with eachother here. Both of these boys are smoking hot, and it's as if the director made this movie with us in mind when he decided to put both of them in a scene together and let the wild and raw sex ensue. Merci, Moinsieur... um... Directeur... or whatever! Back in the steamy sauna, James and Alexandre decide things aren't quite hot enough and the only way to work up a real sweat is to get some thick twink cock in to some tight twink ass. It's Alexandre who goes down on James first, proving that although he was the studly, total top boy in scene 1, he's hungry for cock just as much as every other boy in this flick and wants to swallow all he can. Not to be outdone, James takes a turn polishing Alexandre's hot rod, getting it slick and wet and ready for his tight ass.

James takes the prize as this movie's top bottom (wha?!) when he gets on his back and opens his hole to Alexandre, who is more than willing to give James a royal, raw fucking. We had to turn our volume down in this scene because we didn't want the neighbors to hear it! James craves that cock in his hole and he's not the least bit hesitant to be loud about it. The bare fucking he gets from Alexandre turns him on so much, in fact, that he soon gets up, gets Alexandre on his knees in front of him, and blasts a giant load all over his face. He might be the able top in this flick, but Alexandre likes a mouthful of jizz just as much as the next twink.

There's none of that lame stuff we call "Frightened Facials" in this movie. Ya know those cum facials where the guy getting his face sprayed has his lips locked shut, eyes closed, and a scared look on their face? Almost like they got shampoo in their eyes or something. What is up with that?! Frightened Facials are nowhere to be seen in this movie. Every time a boy's hot face gets blasted with jizz, he's loving every bit of it. Mouths open. Eyes focused on that cock, eagerly anticipating that blast of jizz they're desperate to feel and taste. These boys want that cum on their faces and you can tell. They want that cum in their mouths and it's obvious.

Alexandre looks like he's in 7th heaven when James sprays his face with cum. And just like every other boy in this flick, he can't get enough. He feeds himself James' load with his fingers. He plays with those strands of cum. He licks up all he can and keeps sucking on James' cock to milk his balls dry and get to taste more goo. And he soon returns the favor, shooting his own hot load all over James' face while James begs for it. Inspired by Alexandre's cumhungry ways and his own insatiable thirst for goo, James is soon milking Alexandre rod and eating up cum left and right. It's not enough he got his face caked in semen, he's gotta lick and eat and suck and swallow it like he's been starving for it.

Ya know, we coulda stopped watching the movie right there, after the insanely hot fourth scene, and been happy as pie. Hell, replaying that scene over and over on our DVD player and in our minds probably could have kept us from ever having to watch another porn ever again and still be completely satisfied.

But EBoys Video and the boys of Lust Winter will have none of that! There's yet a fifth ass pounding scene in store, coupling bottom boy Dima with Mario (top and bottom from the 3some scene) in the sauna yet again. I dunno if it's the steam or the eucalyptus leaves or those little rocks they put in em or what, but it seems this sauna has some magical effect on hot young Euro twinks, leaving them unable to resist fucking eachothers' brains out and craving goo like mad. Dima and Mario are quick to get caught up in the sauna's lustful effects, their harmless little massage escalating in to an all out fuck fest complete with brilliant facial expressions that sure as heck make it seem like these 2 boys are enjoying this sex more than sex has ever been enjoyed by anyone else. Dima's got some pretty big shoes to fill in this scene, bottoming for Mario when so many bottoms have given star fucks for us viewers in the scenes before him. But he proves himself quite the champ, kneeling over the sauna bench and taking Mario's raw cock deep and hard. But hey! Bottoms don't always have to be "on bottom", and Dima sits Mario down on the bench and then sits lowers himself on to Mario's stiff prick to ride him, bouncing up and down on that dick while Mario sits back and lets his hungry bottom buddy work his cock with that tight ass. Dima's efforts at riding Mario's cock pay off when Mario pulls out to cover our bottom's face in cum. And as you're surely loving every bit of it by now, these boys don't disappoint as Dima keeps the post-orgasm action going by sucking more sweet jizz out of Mario's cock, licking up all he can, and then inviting Mario to make out with him so they can swap his load on their lips and tongues. It's all too much for Dima, and he soon fires off a hot load of his own.

Un-fucking-believable how hot this movie is. There is not a single scene in it that won't leave you floored and exhausted, your balls drained and cock rubbed raw. The boys are flat out gorgeous - with amazing faces, awesome bodies, and the enthusiasm they show in fucking, sucking, cum eating, cum play, boning, moaning and writhing through every second of every scene in this movie makes one wonder if this isn't indeed the most cumhungry and hottest cast ever thrown together in a flick. True to its title, this movie is all about lust, and these boys are so insatiably full of lust it screams through all they do. The post-orgasm cum play, the raw fucking, the camera work and live sound, and the degree to which every one of these boys is smokin' hot make your screen melt. There's nothing frigid about Lust Winter, as it's by far one of the absolute hottest movies we've ever seen.

It's as high as our rating system goes, and we almost wish we could give it more. That being said, however, the bare boning cum eating facial blasting Lust Winter extravaganza is more than worthy of the coveted:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to see this movie again! When we opened the box to pull the tape out and put it in to the VCR, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This movie has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this movie should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update this website for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room watching this movie.

Click here to get Lust Winter!

Check out Eboys Video right now!

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