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02/11/04 - Bel Ami's Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy

Lukas Story 2

A night-time rowing club boat party on the Danube river stocked with plenty of food and awash with beer. 60 horny young men are in attendance, too hot to wear anything but the briefest of shorts. Lukas wanders the boat finding the lower decks littered with insatiable sexual activity, watching scene after scene of delirious couplings. Eventually he stumbles upon a giant orgy with nearly half of the young perfect studs kissing, sucking and fucking with uninhibited abandon in a small cabin. Lukas is so turned on by this experience he engages in an unbridled m?nage with super-hunk Martin Valko and adorable Kristian Jensen, finally surrendering to his ultimate fantasy.

This movie has a special place in my Bel Ami-loving heart! First one I ever actually purchased! I'd rented before. I'd borrowed from friends (who all quickly learned that if I was going to borrow their Bel Ami movie they'd best be prepared to not see it again for a long, long time). But finally one night I said "Oh man I have to get it!" and bought my first Bel Ami video - Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy. And what a purchase it was! Not only does it have the always hot and amazing Lukas Ridgeston, of course, but it also has a hot, hot 3-way scene with Dano Sulik, Oliver Krist, and adorable bottom boy Jiri Lubov that's incredible to watch. And I can't forget Johan Paulik fucking the living daylights out of a lucky bottom! Just when you think it can't get anymore amazing, there's the outrageously incredible 30-boy orgy! That's right! 30 of the hottest Eastern European Bel Ami stud boys sucking and fucking and kissing and cumming their way to one of the most brilliant gay porn scenes ever filmed (it won Best Orgy?1995 PROBE/Men in Video Awards). You think I'm done?! Heck no! In the climactic 3-way that ends this movie, Lukas Ridgeston starts off getting sucked off on a city overpass with cars and people in the background and distance - right there in public! - and then - now hold your breath - he bottoms! That's right! Bel Ami hottie Martin Valko gets to do the honors, and fucks Lukas Ridgeston. WOW!!!

And in yet another stroke of pure George Duroy genius, you can now find both Lukas' Story and Lukas' Story 2 on a single DVD titled Lukas' Stories. Both movies combined in to one single, masterfully awesome 2 hours and 45 minutes of hot Bel Ami boy sex. Lukas narrates the DVD himself. It's an awesome chance to see these 2 super stories fused in to one nut busting, load-draining flick. Thanks, George!

Bel Ami's Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy stars:

- Lukas Ridgeston
- Johan Paulik
- Dano Sulik
- Martin Valko
- Danny Clark
- Oliver Krist
- Jiri Lubov
- Kristian Jensen
- Alex Petersen
- Victor Boyd
- Marty Beavins
- Eugen Kalman
- Milos Janek
- Peter Sidow

At Bel Ami Online, you can see tons of screen captures like the ones on this page from Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy, watch video clips from the movie, as well as get off to tons and tons of other hot pics and vids from Bel Ami!

Bel Ami's Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy

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This film gets...

A single nut from Buster. The more he gives you, the more he likes you - up to a maximum of 4.A single nut from Buster. The more he gives you, the more he likes you - up to a maximum of 4.A single nut from Buster. The more he gives you, the more he likes you - up to a maximum of 4.

A Bunch o' Nuts! Definitely some jerk off material here. A good portion of the material was certainly ok. Action was pretty good. Sex was pretty steamy. It showed a good deal of promise, but kinda left us wanting more towards the end. Brought us to the brink, but not quite over the edge. Like... ya know how you're gettin' some pretty decent head and all you need is for your blowjob buddy to jam a finger up your tuckus to really push you over the top and give you a volcanic orgasm? So close... yet not quite there? Right?! Can I get an "AMEN!"?!?! ... Guys? Helloooo?

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 Bel Ami Models:

Alex Orioli
Benjamin Bloom
Brandon Manilow
Chris Casablanca
Claude Cocteau
Daniel Valent
Danny Saradon
Dano Sulik
David Biondi
Dolph Lambert
Henri Gaudin
Ion Davidov
Jason Paradis
Johan Paulik
Josh Elliot
Julian Armanis
Kieron Athey
Kris Evans
Kurt Diesel
Lukas Ridgeston
Luke Hammill
Manuel Rios
Mark Aubrey
Martin Valko
Matt Phillipe
Max Orloff
Nathan Good
Pavel Novotny
Ralph Woods
Sascha Chaykin
Sebastian Bonnet
Stefan Keller
Tim Hamilton
Todd Rosset
Vince Noyes
Yves Carradine

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