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05/28/04 - Lee Hunter Groovy!

Lee Hunter

How fuckin hot is this boy?! His presence alone turned many a great vintage twink movie in to a total classic. Those puppy dog eyes, that shaggy blond hair, that smooth body, that big cock, those pouty dick-suckin' lips and his love for takin' cock after cock after cock up that tight hole of his.

There's something so great about these classic twink porn cuties - they're so real. So genuine. So unmanufactured. Just real teens and college boys who really got off on having sex on cam. They weren't fabricated like so many of today's porn stars. They're natural in every way, yet at the same time flippin' HOT! I've said it before and I'll say it again - I think guys just had bigger cocks in the old days. haha.

We've seen a whole buncha Lee Hunter's movies. Including Camp YMAC - which was like his best known movie (and for good reason!). And one thing you'll notice about this boy from the get go is not only is he sex on 2 legs but ohhhhhhhh lordy does he ever love getting fucked! There's at least several YMAC titles where Lee gets fucked in every scene by every one of his costars in the movie. I could never get tired of seeing him get that smooth ass of his pounded.

When it comes to the big names of vintage twink porn, Lee Hunter is right up there at the top (due in no small part to how much of a fierce bottom he can be! hehehe).

Most of these images were shot as promo stills for Camp YMAC during breaks in the filming. These images below were actually scanned from their original chromes!! Check out YMAC.com for a selection of all of Lee's YMAC titles in DVD and VHS!

Lee Hunter

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