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01/12/04 - Julian Armanis

Julian Armanis

When Julian Armanis first appeared in Bel Ami's Frisky Summer 2, it was obvious George Duroy's next big star had been found. Julian Armanis is one of those guys that makes you wonder "How do people get so perfect?!?" He has star model looks, a defined and cut body that's virtually a Bel Ami trademark, and a huge cock! HUGE! Julian Armanis quickly became such a popular model that George Duroy and Bel Ami launched a full length video dedicated entirely to him. You know that's quite a statement considering just how many gorgeous and irresistable models Bel Ami has on its roster. Of course, the spectacular and now famous 4-way scene in Frisky Summer 2 with Lukas Ridgeston, Erik Kovac and Sebastian Bonnet didn't hurt, either!

Name(s): Julian Armanis

From: Czech Republic

Sign: Aries

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 158 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Preference: Versatile... *creams*

Status: Active with Bel Ami

Select titles Julian Armanis has appeared in:


- Photos of Lukas
- Frisky Memories
- Together - Bel Ami 1998 Calendar
- Bel Ami Allstar 2001 Calendar
- 2003 Bel Ami Calendar - New Generation

For a complete list of Julian Armanis print appearances, visit Bel Ami

-Select Video-

- Frisky Summer 2, 1996
- Frisky Summer 3, 1998
- The English Student, 1999
- Teamplay, 2000
- Personal Trainers 3, 2001
- Frisky Summer 4, 2002
- Personal Trainfers 4-6, 2002
- Julian

See the complete, scene by scene details of video appearances by Julian Armanis

Julian Armanis still works for Bel Ami, at their Prague office. Bel Ami still releases new footage with Julian exclusively on their website, Bel Ami Online, and there are still numerous episodes with him waiting to be released on video!

Julian Armanis Photo Gallery

See more of Julian Armanis, Bel Ami Video, and George Duroy.

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