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Twink Likes Blacks
Alexander Pictures always delivers hot, cruising scenes. This video features Riu Melo recounting some super hot pick ups featuring beefy, black cock and hot, anonymous sex! 
That's Gonna Hurt
This is a collection of the most enormous, thick, meaty cocks you'll ever see, all combined in a bulging package of unforgettable ass poundings!
Swaggers 2: Dickin Down Deep
Get ready for the finest black men with the tastiest chocolate dicks you've ever seen. Watch as these dark chocolate hotties suck each other's cocks and give up their sexy asses.
Pierre Fitch and the Scorpio Twins
These identical twin brothers from a small town in Ontario met Pierre Fitch at a Toronto nightclub called Goodhandy's. One thing led to another, and the twins were making their first porn video!
Daddy Mugs Adventures
Daddy Mugs Adventures features Kurt Wild and a whole line-up of anxious twinks ready to get their amazing holes stuffed by Daddy's fat cock!

Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Boy Ride
Boy Ride
Bel Ami
Bel Ami
Boy Storm
Boy Storm


10/31/12 Zac and Joe (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/30/12 Boys' Academy Fourway (Staxus) [BAREBACK]

10/25/12 Rudy, Kevin, and James (Staxus) [BAREBACK]

10/25/12 Austin, Anthony, & Arnaud (Cocky Boys)

10/24/12 John and Julian (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

10/23/12 Tony Star (You Love Jack)

10/19/12 Kevin and Derek (Bel Ami)

10/19/12 J.P. and Dominic (Eurocreme)

10/18/12 Kent and Chuck (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

10/17/12 Zack and Rudy (Staxus) [BAREBACK]

10/11/12 Kinky Vatican Orgy (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/11/12 Dick and Tim (Staxus) [BAREBACK]

10/10/12 Jet and Stone (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

10/05/12 Damien and Jack (You Love Jack)

10/04/12 Jack and Trevor (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/04/12 Bravo and Arnaud (Cocky Boys)

10/03/12 Dixon and Harper (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

09/27/12 Owen and Joshua (Raw Fuck Club) [BAREBACK]

09/26/12 Trey and Kip (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

09/21/12 Connor and Kent (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

09/21/12 Haigan and Kirk (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

09/20/12 Rudy and Timmy (Staxus)

09/19/12 Florian and Phillipe (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

09/18/12 Max and Tommy (Cocky Boys)

09/17/12 David and Nick (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

09/12/12 Jack, Roger, and Paul (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

09/11/12 Aiden and Riley (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

09/07/12 Connor, Chandler, and Avery (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

09/07/12 JP and Lucas (Eurocreme)

09/06/12 Ethan Rose (You Love Jack)

09/06/12 George and John (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

08/30/12 Vadim and Dario (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

08/30/12 Kyler and Krys (BoyCrush)

08/29/12 Axl and Domenic (Active Duty)

08/23/12 Conner, Andrew, and Tyler (Lollipop Twinks)

08/23/12 Gavin and Vander (Chaos Men)

08/22/12 Antonio and Arnaud (Cocky Boys)

08/14/12 Skye and Chandler (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

08/16/12 Kevin, Julien, and Luke (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

08/16/12 Abdul and Mario (HDK Raw) [BAREBACK]

08/15/12 Dick and Mark (Staxus)

08/14/12 Skye and Chandler (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

08/10/12 Aiden, Connor, and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

08/10/12 Junior and Riu (Raw Fuck Club) [BAREBACK]

08/09/12 Bradley and Chad (Dylan Lucas)

08/08/12 Jack and Adrian (Staxus)

08/07/12 Calvin and Koda (College Dudes)

08/02/12 Cody, Tyler, & Brandon (Cody Cummings)

08/02/12 Str8 Goes Gay (Awol Marines)

08/01/12 Mick and Todd (Bel Ami)

08/01/12 Jimmy Little (You Love Jack)

07/31/12 Kent and Tom (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

07/27/12 Kyler, Kyler, and Andrew (Boy Crush)

07/27/12 Jake and iPad Boy (Cocky Boys)

07/26/12 Riley and Harley (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

07/26/12 Kyle and Max (Hot Studs) [BAREBACK]

07/25/12 Paul and Julien (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/24/12 Breaking Him In: Christian and Jacob (Naked Sword)

07/19/12 Marc and Skye (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

07/19/12 Dylan and Brandon (Raw Fuck Club) [BAREBACK]

07/18/12 Vadim and Mick (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/18/12 Tanner and Shawn (Dirty Boy Video)

07/17/12 Jake Hall (You Love Jack)

07/12/12 Blane and Connor (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

07/12/12 Tristan and Jack (Alternadudes)

07/11/12 Big Dick and Little Dick (Fraternity X)

07/11/12 Sean and Ashton (Boynapped)

07/05/12 Chandler and Harley (Corbin Fisher)

07/05/12 Behind the Scenes (Eurocreme)

07/03/12 Braden and Derek (Randy Blue)

07/02/12 Brian (All Australian Boys)

06/28/12 Gabriel and Lorenzo (Cocky Boys)

06/28/12 Damien Day (You Love Jack)

06/26/12 Hooker Stories: Daddy's Boy (Naked Sword)

06/26/12 Cort and Connor (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

06/21/12 Avery and Cain (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

06/21/12 Pays the Rent (Fraternity X)

06/20/12 Ben and Arnaud (Cocky Boys)

06/20/12 Adi and Lucky (Randy Blue)

06/19/12 Private Party (Naked Sword)

06/14/12 Reed and Sloan (Corbin Fisher)

06/14/12 Who Let the Dorks Out? (Dirty Boy Video)

06/13/12 Aaron and Freddie (Eurocreme)

06/12/12 Dustin and Nathan (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

06/07/12 Harper and Landon (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

06/07/12 Kyler, Aiden, and Giovanni (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

06/06/12 Jake and Seth (Cocky Boys)

06/05/12 Chris King Again (You Love Jack)

05/31/12 Conner, Steve, & Sloan (Corbin Fisher)

05/31/12 Luke and Skylar (Eurocreme)

05/30/12 Jack, Kyle, and Damien (Dirty Boy Video)

05/24/12 Solomon and Troy (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/24/12 Phenix, Bobby, & Seth (Cocky Boys)

05/23/12 Str8 Marine Fucker (Awol Marines)

05/23/12 Aiden and Giovanni (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

05/22/12 Harper and Stefan (Corbin Fisher)

05/17/12 Sloan and Cain (Corbin Fisher)

05/17/12 Darius and Valentino (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/16/12 Dominic and Gary (Dirty Tony)

05/16/12 Luke, Ariel, and Gaelan (Bel Ami)

05/10/12 Aiden's Quadruple Load (Corbin Fisher) [BAREBACK]

05/10/12 Dean (All Australian Boys)

05/09/12 Tony and Tyler (College Dudes)

05/08/12 Skyelr and Jasper (Hot Studs) [BAREBACK]

05/03/12 Florian and Jean-Daniel (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

05/03/12 Bareback Park (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

05/02/12 Daniel and Jack (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

05/02/12 Lito and Brandon (Raw Fuck Club) [BAREBACK]

04/26/12 Sketchy Sex 2 (Fraternity X)

04/26/12 Scott and Josh (Corbin Fisher)

04/25/12 Joao and Pedro (Raw Fuck Club) [BAREBACK]

04/24/12 Carter and Kristopher (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

04/23/12 Mick and Manuel (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

04/19/12 Fucking Oliver (Bareback Twink) [BAREBACK]

04/19/12 Riley and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

04/18/12 Chip and Valentino (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

04/12/12 Kent and Harley (Corbin Fisher)

04/12/12 Lukas and Fred (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

04/11/12 Denis and Thor (Bareback Twink) [BAREBACK]

04/11/12 Max Ryder (Cocky Boys)

04/10/12 Jack and Chance (You Love Jack)

04/05/12 James and Giovanni (Alternadudes)

04/05/12 Mark (All Australian Boys)

04/04/12 Denis and Nick (Bareback Twink) [BAREBACK]

04/04/12 His First Cock (Awol Marines)

04/03/12 Cain and Max (Corbin Fisher)

03/29/12 Paddy O'Brian (Fresh SX)

03/29/12 Jim, Erik, and Alex (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

03/28/12 Foster and Van (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

03/28/12 Billy Hicks Again (You Love Jack)

03/27/12 Chandler, Dawson, and Scott (Corbin Fisher)

03/22/12 Cain Fucks Duncan (Corbin Fisher)

03/22/12 Tim, Mitch, & Clayton (Broke Straight Boys)

03/21/12 Zac and John (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

03/20/12 Marco and Tate (Fresh SX)

03/15/12 Mirek and Jakub (Badpuppy)

03/15/12 Devin and Jared (College Dudes)

03/14/12 A Hole Is A Hole (Fraternity X) [BAREBACK]

03/14/12 Ariel and Roger (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

03/13/12 Bareback Monster Cocks (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

03/09/12 Martin and Rocky (Breed Me Raw) [BAREBACK]

03/09/12 Nick, Derrick, & Sencer (8teen Boy)

03/08/12 Cain & Kent Tag Team Mario (Corbin Fisher)

03/07/12 Raw Combat (Raw Films)

03/01/12 Cameron and Elliot (Corbin Fisher)

03/01/12 Pierre and Seth (Cocky Boys)

02/29/12 Billy (All Australian Boys)

02/28/12 Colt Takes 6 Loads (Dirty Tony)

02/24/12 Kenny and Josh (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

02/23/12 Clyde and Solomon (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

02/22/12 Peter, Alex, & Cuba (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

02/20/12 Sloan and Connor (Corbin Fisher)

02/16/12 Lex and Kyle (Bulldog Pit)

02/16/12 Axl, Boyd, and Chaz (Active Duty)

02/15/12 Duncan and Kenny (Corbin Fisher)

02/14/12 Peters Twins Raw Gangbang (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

02/10/12 Fynn (Fratmen TV)

02/10/12 Marc, Sean, and Zeb (Corbin Fisher)

02/09/12 Jake and Jason (Video Boys)

02/08/12 Kodi and Mitch (Broke Straight Boys)

02/07/12 Harris and Julien (Bel Ami Online) [BAREBACK]

02/02/12 Simon, Pierre, & Dimitry (Sweet and Raw)

02/02/12 Solomon and Vander (Chaos Men)

01/26/12 Julian and Peter (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

01/26/12 Jean-Daniel and Julien (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

01/25/12 Skyelr and Travis (Hot Studs)

01/19/12 Megees Klein (Badpuppy)

01/19/12 Dustin at ASU (Fraternity X)

01/18/12 Reece and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

01/12/12 Carson and Harley (Corbin Fisher)

01/12/12 Adam, Luke, and Dario (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

01/06/12 Birthday Cake Fuck (Dirty Boy Video)

01/05/12 Straight Marines Experimenting (Awol Marines)

01/04/12 Filthy Skater Sluts (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

12/29/11 Zeb and Rudy (Corbin Fisher)

12/29/11 Criss Howell (You Love Jack)

12/28/11 Busted and Abused (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

12/21/11 Peters Twins & Kris Evans (Bel Ami)

12/14/11 Micah Smith (You Love Jack)

12/14/11 The Chaser (Fraternity X)

12/14/11 Alex and Thor (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

12/13/11 Rick and Steve (Bulldog Pit)

12/08/11 Bradley and Chad (Broke Straight Boys)

12/08/11 Zeb and Will (Corbin Fisher)

12/07/11 Bareback Fourway (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

12/01/11 Married, Military Jerker (Awol Marines)

11/30/11 Five Guys, One Bed (Randy Blue)

11/30/11 Jack and Mike (You Love Jack)

11/23/11 Jack and Marco (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

11/22/11 Jackson and Kent (Corbin Fisher)

11/21/11 Juven (Bait Bus)

11/18/11 Colin and Alex (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

11/17/11 Isaiah and Patrick (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

11/16/11 Scott, Phillip, and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

11/10/11 Kent and Cameron (Corbin Fisher)

11/10/11 Jim and Dario (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

11/09/11 Micah and Solomon (Chaos Men)

11/08/11 Matt and Ashley (Bulldog Pit)

11/04/11 Party Foul 2 (Fraternity X)

11/04/11 Tom Moore (You Love Jack)

11/03/11 Jackson and Sean (Corbin Fisher)

10/27/11 Scott and Marc (Corbin Fisher)

10/27/11 Dayton and Alec (Badpuppy)

10/26/11 Kenny and Alex (College Dudes)

10/25/11 Maximus (All Australian Boys)

10/24/11 Peters Twins and Vadim Farrell (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/21/11 Cameron and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

10/21/11 Adam and Billy's Sexual Meltdown (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/20/11 Nathan (Bareback Twink) [BAREBACK]

10/19/11 New Guy Travis (Fraternity X)

10/18/11 Mitchell (All Australian Boys)

10/13/11 Jack Symon (You Love Jack)

10/13/11 Back In Africa (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/12/11 Cain and Aiden (Corbin Fisher)

10/11/11 Flying Lessons (Twinks) [BAREBACK]

10/10/11 Daniel and Thor (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

10/07/11 Mario Costa, Cock-Tamer (Xtra Inches)

10/07/11 Calvin and Ashton (Boynapped)

10/06/11 Taylor and Valentino (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

10/06/11 Dolph and Brady (Bel Ami)

10/05/11 Tagging Sean (Corbin Fisher)

10/04/11 Beer Enema (Fraternity X)

10/03/11 Gianni Blows 5 Guys (Dirty Tony)

09/29/11 Chase and Sencer (8teen Boy)

09/28/11 Gabriel and Pierre (Cocky Boys)

09/27/11 Gaelan and Phillipe (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

09/23/11 Jason and Julian (Bel Ami)

09/22/11 Another Happy Ending (Rub Him)

09/21/11 Raf Gets Drilled (Dirty Boy Video)

09/20/11 Bareback Basement (Twinks) [BAREBACK]

09/15/11 Ali and Shane (Cocksure Men)

09/14/11 Cameron and Tristan (Corbin Fisher)

09/13/11 Big Pledge Mess-Up (Haze Him)

09/09/11 Rick and Kris (Cocksure Men) [BAREBACK]

09/08/11 Tommy and Mason (Cocky Boys)

09/07/11 Cameron Climbs Aiden (Corbin Fisher)

09/01/11 Cock Hole (Fraternity X)

09/01/11 Kevin & Harris Embrace Dadaism (Kinky Angels)

08/31/11 Owning Martin (Corbin Fisher)

08/29/11 Dan, Blake, Hunter, & Jordan (Cum Pig Men)

08/26/11 Florian, Julian, & Alex (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

08/26/11 The Morning After (Fraternity X)

08/25/11 Kevin and Manuel (Bel Ami's Kinky Angels)

08/24/11 Carson Swings (Corbin Fisher)

08/22/11 Joshua and Julian (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

08/18/11 Kevin, Jim, Florian, & Luke (Bel Ami's Kinky Angels)

08/18/11 Brad's Gloryhole (Boynapped)

08/17/11 London Gangbang (Bulldog Pit)

08/17/11 Sean and Travis (Corbin Fisher)

08/16/11 Louie and David (Bare Adventures)

08/15/11 More Taylor Brooks (You Love Jack)

08/12/11 Miles and Kyler (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

08/12/11 Kevin and Spencer (Cocky Boys)

08/11/11 Peters Twins & Kurt Diesel (Bel Ami)

08/10/11 Kent and Dawson (Corbin Fisher)

08/09/11 Steven Prior Gets Hot-Waxed (Boynapped)

08/08/11 Liam Woods (You Love Jack)

08/04/11 The Ties That Bind (Fraternity X)

08/04/11 Ariel and Kieron (Bel Ami)

08/03/11 Hayden and Logan (Next Door Twink)

08/02/11 Dungeons of Shame (Haze Him)

08/01/11 Bad Boy Bryce (Boys Pissing)

07/29/11 Bobby Long (You Love Jack)

07/29/11 Radar (Bukkake Boys)

07/28/11 Jack and James (Dirty Boy Video)

07/28/11 Alex and Andre (Bel Ami)

07/27/11 Travis and Jack (Corbin Fisher)

07/26/11 Evan and Kaden (Active Duty)

07/25/11 No Money No Funny Part 3 (Gangster Fuck)

07/21/11 Late-Night Orgy (Fraternity X)

07/21/11 Kevin and Florian (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/20/11 Aiden and Dawson (Corbin Fisher)

07/19/11 Adrian and Mason (Cocky Boys)

07/18/11 Lexx and Chad (BoyCrush)

07/15/11 Spencer and Jimmy (Cocky Boys)

07/15/11 Psycho Dealer 3 (Gangster Fuck)

07/14/11 You Gotta Earn It (Fraternity X) [BAREBACK]

07/14/11 Mike and Alexander (Extra Big Dicks)

07/13/11 JP and Justin (Fresh SX)

07/12/11 Chris King (You Love Jack)

07/07/11 Andy and Tyler (BoyCrush)

07/07/11 Factor XXX (Twinks)

07/06/11 Jim and Billy (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/05/11 Fievel Goes West (AlternaDudes)

07/01/11 Chris and Jordan (BoyCrush)

07/01/11 Derrick and Keine (8TeenBoy)

06/30/11 Adam and Rudy (Corbin Fisher)

06/29/11 Bag of Tricks (Fraternity X)

06/28/11 Tristan and Lance (AlternaDudes)

06/27/11 Kent, Brett, and Troy (Twinks)

06/23/11 Aiden and Dawson (Corbin Fisher)

06/23/11 Dolph, Jean-Daniel, & Dario (Bel Ami)

06/22/11 Kristopher and Vander (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

06/22/11 The New Guy (Fraternity X)

06/21/11 No Money, No Funny (Gangster Fuck)

06/20/11 Billy Hicks (You Love Jack)

06/17/11 Chip and Kent (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

06/17/11 Adam and Luke (Bel Ami)

06/16/11 Rudy and Sean (Corbin Fisher)

06/15/11 Fuck Britney (Fraternity X)

06/14/11 Rick and Brandon (Cocky Boys)

06/13/11 Ashton and McKenzie (Boynapped)

06/09/11 Fuck the Cameraman (Fraternity X)

06/09/11 Memorial Day Six-Pack (Corbin Fisher)

06/07/11 Saint and Charles (Alternadudes)

06/06/11 Psycho Dealer (Gangster Fuck)

06/03/11 George Duroy's Kinky Angels (Bel Ami)

06/02/11 Six-Load Gangbang (Fraternity X)

06/01/11 Saint and Robbie (Alternadudes)

05/31/11 Dimitri (All Australian Boys)

05/26/11 Billy and Alex (Bel Ami)

05/26/11 Kyler Moss (Boycrush)

05/25/11 Jose, Marty, and Johnnie (Bare Adventures)

05/25/11 Frat House Tag-Team (Fraternity X)

05/24/11 William Prince (You Love Jack)

05/23/11 Jimmy at the Gloryhole (All Australian Boys)

05/20/11 Eli and Stone (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/20/11 Leo and Kieron (Boynapped)

05/19/11 Kris and Harris (Bel Ami)

05/19/11 In Custody (Gangster Fuck)

05/18/11 Hangover Gangbang (Fraternity X)

05/17/11 Tanner Takes 5 Loads (Dirty Tony)

05/17/11 Bad Bromance (Corbin Fisher)

05/16/11 Elliot (All Australian Boys)

05/12/11 Dmitry, Pavel, Ruslan, Pyotr (Sweet & Raw) [BAREBACK]

05/11/11 The After Party (Fraternity X)

05/10/11 Kenny and Justin (Corbin Fisher)

05/06/11 Kinky Angels (Bel Ami)

05/06/11 Jesse (All Australian Boys)

05/05/11 Alexandro and Jake (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/04/11 Trevor and Sage (Bareback That Hole) [BAREBACK]

05/03/11 Cameron and Travis (Corbin Fisher)

05/02/11 Patrick and Chad (Helix Studios)

04/28/11 Trevor and Erik (Bel Ami Online)

04/28/11 Kent, Kristopher, & Nash (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

04/27/11 Styx and Austin (Active Duty) [BAREBACK]

04/26/11 Mario Domini (Lucas Kazan)

04/25/11 Rob Dryden (You Love Jack)

04/22/11 Tony and Kyle (Bulldog Pit)

04/22/11 Owen and Branden (Dirty Boy Video)

04/21/11 Kane Sweet (Squirtz)

04/20/11 Mehmet and Sebastian (Gangster Fuck)

04/19/11 Felix and Kain (Helix Studios)

04/14/11 Terry Dawson (Squirtz)

04/14/11 Raffaele (Lucas Kazan)

04/13/11 Cain and Quinn (Corbin Fisher)

04/13/11 Raw Racers (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

04/12/11 Big-Dicked Marine Jerks Off (AWOL Marines)

04/11/11 Chase and Dylan (Helix Studios)

04/08/11 House Slave Ep. 3 (Gay War Games)

04/08/11 Hot Blond Threeway (Helix Studios)

04/07/11 Boys and Dildos (Anal Discipline)

04/06/11 Derek's Threeway (Corbin Fisher)

04/04/11 Scott Cameron (You Love Jack)

03/31/11 Jake Bass (Squirtz)

03/31/11 Matt and Ben (Bulldog Pit)

03/30/11 Philip and Mason (Corbin Fisher)

03/30/11 Tim, Picardo, & Damian (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

03/29/11 Damian and Shane (Bareback That Hole) [BAREBACK]

03/28/11 Seth and Glen (Dirty Tony)

03/25/11 Jarrod and Cole (College Dudes)

03/25/11 Matthew Singer (Dirty Tony)

03/24/11 Jessie Jordan (COLT Studio Group)

03/24/11 Teens and Machines (Anal Discipline) [BAREBACK]

03/23/11 Travis and Miles (Corbin Fisher)

03/23/11 Jaret and Brandon (Dirty Boy Video)

03/22/11 Leo and Jay (Bulldog Pit)

03/21/11 Junior (Squirtz)

03/17/11 Jason Pitt (COLT Studio Group)

03/17/11 Two-For-One Military Studs (AWOL Marines)

03/16/11 Phillip, Cain, & Kenny (Corbin Fisher)

03/16/11 Kristopher and Isaiah (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

03/15/11 Adam and Henderson (Boynapped)

03/14/11 Colin and Jean-Daniel (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

03/11/11 Vinny and Logan (Active Duty) [BAREBACK]

03/11/11 Lucas and Michael (On the Hunt)

03/10/11 Buckshot Boy Hayden Stephens (COLT Studio Group)

03/10/11 Gaelan and Julien (Bel Ami)

03/09/11 Philip and Quinn (Corbin Fisher)

03/09/11 Kent and Parker (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

03/08/11 Timothy and Marco (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

03/03/11 Bodie, Gabriel, & Connor (On the Hunt)

03/03/11 Dolph and Jack (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

03/02/11 Jack and Zack (Dirty Boy Video)

03/01/11 Steve and Rex (Bulldog Pit)

02/22/11 Dru and Jarrett (Corbin Fisher)

02/22/11 Kawika (Island Studs)

02/21/11 Mick Roberts (You Love Jack)

02/17/11 Paulie Vauss (College Dudes)

02/17/11 Justin and Ashton (Video Boys)

02/16/11 Dawson and Quinn (Corbin Fisher)

02/16/11 Alexander and Kenzie (Boynapped)

02/15/11 Jonny, Marc, & Shane (Bulldog Pit)

02/11/11 Chase and Elliot (Dirty Boy Video)

02/11/11 Steven and Drew (Hard Brit Lads)

02/10/11 Peters Twins Fourway (Bel Ami)

02/10/11 Str8 Military Blowjob Party (AWOL Marines)

02/09/11 Kenny and Phillip (Corbin Fisher)

02/09/11 Jan and Lukas (Badpuppy)

02/04/11 Kenzie, Kieron, and Mackenzie (Boynapped)

02/04/11 Ben and Joey (Bulldog Pit) [BAREBACK]

02/03/11 Jack and Henri (Bel Ami)

02/03/11 Darren (Island Studs)

02/02/11 Cain and Glen (Corbin Fisher)

02/01/11 Seth and Ludovic (Dirty Tony)

01/31/11 Direct Orders 3 (Active Duty)

01/28/11 Louie and Dimitry (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

01/27/11 Florian and Colin (Bel Ami)

01/27/11 L'il Lance (Island Studs)

01/26/11 Dru and Turner (Corbin Fisher)

01/25/11 Jarrod and Ashton (College Dudes)

01/24/11 Cliff and Kurt (Nextdoor Twink)

01/20/11 Vadim and Dario In 3D (Bel Ami)

01/20/11 Kristopher and Orlando (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

01/18/11 Alex Hayes (You Love Jack)

01/17/11 Glen and Kenny (Corbin Fisher)

01/14/11 Sex City (Kristen Bjorn)

01/14/11 Peters Twins & Jean-Daniel (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

01/13/11 Chad and Ashton (Extra Big Dicks)

01/13/11 Owen and Kade (Dirty Boy Video)

01/12/11 Kevin and Cavin (Cocksure Men)

01/12/11 Carter and Jerry (College Dudes)

01/11/11 Enzo and Brian (You Love Jack)

01/10/11 Reed (Island Studs)

01/06/11 Desperate To Belong (Haze Him)

01/05/11 Phillipe and Alex (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

01/05/11 British Circle Jerk (English Lads)

01/05/11 Hayden and Terry (Video Boys)

01/04/11 Jamie West (Boynapped)

01/03/11 Jake and Mike (Twinks)

12/30/10 Cole and Rob (College Dudes)

12/30/10 Harris and Florian (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

12/29/10 Ivan and Rory (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

12/28/10 Chris, Dallas, and Richard (Randy Blue)

12/27/10 Hot, Hard, and Horny (Dirty Boy Video)

12/22/10 Roman and Pierre Fitch (On the Hunt)

12/22/10 Jarrod Price (College Dudes)

12/21/10 Ariel, Brandon, and Alex (Bel Ami)

12/17/10 Etienne Martin (You Love Jack)

12/16/10 Wanna Be a TV Star? (Bait Bus)

12/15/10 Shy Military Jerker (AWOL Marines)

12/14/10 Jerry and Cristian (College Dudes 247)

12/13/10 Backyard Ass Slam (Dirty Boy Video)

12/08/10 Party In the Gameroom (Haze Him)

12/03/10 Two Lukes (Boynapped)

12/03/10 Vadim and Ennio (Bel Ami)

12/02/10 Five Twink BDSM Orgy (Bare Twinks) [BAREBACK]

12/02/10 Trystan and Marcus (Trystan Bull)

12/01/10 Ashton and Justin (Video Boys)

12/01/10 Guilherme and Stefano (Badpuppy)

11/30/10 Thomas Lowe (You Love Jack)

11/23/10 Spanking Seth Roberts (Boynapped)

11/23/10 Josh and Ashton (College Dudes 247)

11/22/10 Dean and Raphael (Randy Blue)

11/22/10 Brady and Landon (Cocksure Men)

11/19/10 Anchorman Roulette (Haze Him)

11/19/10 Fourway Fuck (Bel Ami)

11/18/10 Brendan and Gabriel (COLT Studio Group)

11/18/10 Sex Addict (Lucas Entertainment)

11/17/10 Cliff and Val (Extra Big Dicks)

11/17/10 Tobin and Vander (Chaos Men)

11/16/10 Raidar and Xenar (Twinks) [BAREBACK]

11/15/10 Ludovic and Florian (Bel Ami)

11/11/10 Trevor and Todd (Bel Ami)

11/11/10 Lenny (Lucas Kazan)

11/10/10 Andrew, Jovany, and Luke (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

11/09/10 Dick Tricks (Cocksure Men)

11/08/10 Todd Beauman (Randy Blue)

11/05/10 Jordan and Marko (Nextdoor Twink)

11/05/10 African Orgy (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

11/04/10 Dean Monroe (Menatplay)

11/04/10 Wheel of Haze (Haze Him)

11/03/10 Gabriel Cross (Randy Blue)

11/02/10 Ariel and Matt (Bel Ami)

11/01/10 Brice, Greg, and Ivan (Bulldog Pit)

10/28/10 Jeremy Feist Self-Suck (Nextdoor Twink)

10/28/10 Jarda (Bel Ami)

10/27/10 Hayden and Michal (Video Boys)

10/26/10 Nine-Boy Orgy (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

10/26/10 Lee, Romeo, and Bora (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/25/10 Kristian and Nico (Bulldog Pit)

10/22/10 Silas and Vander (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

10/22/10 Seth Roberts (Boynapped)

10/21/10 Face Full of Cum (Dirty Boy Video)

10/21/10 Jason Clark (Bel Ami)

10/20/10 Lukas Wilde (You Love Jack)

10/19/10 Kris, Dolph, and Sascha (Bel Ami)

10/14/10 Jona, Johnny, and Tom (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/14/10 Lukas In Love Orgy (Bel Ami)

10/13/10 Nick (Badpuppy)

10/13/10 Tag-Team Face-Fuck (Straight Boys Fucking)

10/12/10 Colin and Marco (Bel Ami)

10/11/10 Jake, Rad, and Ryan (Nextdoor Twink)

10/08/10 Four Boy Gangbang (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

10/08/10 Cock and Piss Frenzy (Dirty Fuckers)

10/07/10 Paul Mekas (Bel Ami)

10/06/10 What, What, In the Butt (Haze Him)

10/06/10 Brian Harper (You Love Jack)

10/05/10 Kris & Dolph Part 2 (Bel Ami)

10/04/10 Kyle Marks (Bukkake Boys)

09/30/10 Take It To the Next Level (Haze Him)

09/30/10 Trevor, Dario, and Julien (Bel Ami)

09/29/10 Alex Cumming (Boynapped)

09/29/10 Shower Dildo (Dirty Fuckers) [BAREBACK]

09/28/10 Micah and Ryan (Bait Buddies)

09/28/10 Kris & Dolph Part 1 (Bel Ami)

09/27/10 Diablo's Campsite Gangbang (Bukkake Boys) [BAREBACK]

09/27/10 Felt So Nice, He Did It Twice (AWOL Marines)

09/24/10 Marco, David, and Miky (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

09/24/10 Thierry and Mikhail (Bel Ami)

09/23/10 Arnaud Laurent (You Love Jack)

09/23/10 Running Drills (Haze Him)

09/22/10 Jeff and James (Straight Boys Fucking)

09/22/10 Breaking the Ass (Bait Bus)

09/21/10 Jarrod and Logan (College Dudes 247)

09/21/10 Sascha and Vadim (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

09/20/10 Firewatch Threeway (Active Duty)

09/20/10 Riles and Dane (Bareback That Hole) [BAREBACK]

09/16/10 Pool Table Gangbang (Bel Ami)

09/16/10 Vegetarian Ass Rape (Haze Him)

09/15/10 Bathroom Fourway (Nextdoor Buddies)

09/15/10 Cumshot Contest (Video Boys)

09/14/10 Lucas and Rob (Bel Ami)

09/14/10 Ariel, Florian, and Dario (Bel Ami)

09/13/10 8 Loads For Micah (Dirty Tony)

09/13/10 Eli, Gerin, & Taylor (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

09/10/10 Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Haze Him)

09/10/10 Kevin and Gaelan (Bel Ami)

09/09/10 Poolside Orgy (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

09/09/10 Gabriel Clark (You Love Jack)

09/08/10 Sage and Nathan (Bareback That Hole) [BAREBACK]

09/07/10 Josh and Rogan (World of Men)

09/07/10 Arnold and Santiago (Anal Discipline) [BAREBACK]

09/02/10 Cody's First Boy Kiss (Cody Cummings)

09/02/10 Florian and Sascha (Bel Ami)

09/01/10 Michael and Tommy (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

09/01/10 Kinky Art Orgy (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

08/31/10 Military Initiation (Dirty Fuckers)

08/31/10 Unloading At A Train Station (Out In Public)

08/30/10 Sascha and Randy (Bel Ami)

08/27/10 Ryan and Alex (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

08/27/10 That's What Friends Are For (AWOL Marines)

08/26/10 Tyler and Jesse (Boys 4 Porn) [BAREBACK]

08/26/10 Nick's Horny Hole (Dirty Fuckers) [BAREBACK]

08/25/10 Justin and Micah (Randy Blue)

08/25/10 Whatever It Takes (Haze Him)

08/24/10 Dolph and Julien (Bel Ami)

08/24/10 Brayden and Garrett (Dirty Boy Video)

08/23/10 Leather Lessons (Anal Discipline)

08/19/10 Todd and Vadim (Bel Ami)

08/19/10 Sex School (Dirty Fuckers) [BAREBACK]

08/18/10 Men At Work (Bait Bus)

08/18/10 Milk Gone Bad (Haze Him)

08/17/10 Parker Brooks (Badpuppy)

08/17/10 Techno Whores (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

08/16/10 Samuel and Friends (Nextdoor Buddies)

08/16/10 Hot Jock Fourway (On the Hunt)

08/13/10 Peters Twins 4way (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

08/13/10 Gabriel (Squirtz)

08/12/10 Campground Threeway (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

08/11/10 Vince & Hayden aka David & Goliath (Out In Public)

08/11/10 Training Liam King (Boynapped) [BAREBACK]

08/10/10 Locker Room Orgy (Dirty Fuckers) [BAREBACK]

08/09/10 Car Wash Blowjob (Haze Him)

08/05/10 Brandon and Manuel (Bel Ami)

08/05/10 Cleanup On Aisle 69 (Out In Public)

08/04/10 Alan and Julian (Dirty Fuckers)

08/03/10 Nolin and Cain (Dirty Boy Video)

08/02/10 Jackson Price Returns (You Love Jack)

07/30/10 Ariel and Jack (Bel Ami)

07/29/10 Steven Prior's Gigantic Cock (Tim Tales)

07/28/10 Dirty Piss Gangbang (Dirty Fuckers)

07/26/10 Traitors Beware (Haze Him)

07/22/10 Tyler Blue (Bukkake Boys)

07/22/10 Lucien Dickson (Badpuppy)

07/21/10 Double Penetration 3-way (Dirty Fuckers) [BAREBACK]

07/20/10 Buck and Logan (College Dudes 247)

07/19/10 Tyler Brandon (You Love Jack)

07/16/10 I Shot Jesse James (Bukkake Boys) [BAREBACK]

07/15/10 OMG It's Too Big (It's Gonna Hurt)

07/14/10 Ride In Russia (Out In Public)

07/13/10 Blowjob Party (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/12/10 Weiner Wrestling (Haze Him)

07/08/10 Brock and Cayden (Randy Blue)

07/07/10 Drew Parker Returns (You Love Jack)

07/06/10 Trevor and Dario (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

07/01/10 Kris, Vadim, and Manuel (Bel Ami)

06/30/10 Brett and Roman (Randy Blue)

06/29/10 Wes Dynasty (Bukkake Boys) [BAREBACK]

06/28/10 Egy and Alex (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

06/24/10 Nash and Taylor (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

06/24/10 Jamie Gets Barebacked (Bukkake Boys) [BAREBACK]

06/23/10 Cleaning Balls (Haze Him)

06/22/10 Paolo and Otta (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

06/21/10 On Vacation (Lucas Kazan)

06/18/10 Shane and Jake (Nextdoor Buddies)

06/17/10 Kevin and Lucky (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

06/10/10 27-Boy Orgy (Bel Ami)

06/08/10 AJ and Eli Raw (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

06/07/10 Avery Covered in Cum (Bukkake Boys) [BAREBACK]

06/04/10 Dario and Arnaud (Bel Ami)

06/02/10 Tommy Rock (You Love Jack)

06/01/10 Rod, Phenix, & Adam (Nextdoor Buddies)

05/27/10 Graduation Gang Bang (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

05/27/10 Ariel, Dawson, and Connor (Bel Ami)

05/26/10 Roy and Alex (Boys4Porn) [BAREBACK]

05/25/10 Bastian and Ransom (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/24/10 Text, Lies, and Video (Randy Blue)

05/21/10 Fat Dicks and Aeroplanes (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

05/20/10 Terry and Ariel (Bel Ami)

05/19/10 Ethan and Tommy (Boys4Porn) [BAREBACK]

05/17/10 Horny Bareback Jocks (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

05/13/10 Jeffery, Zack, & Alan (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

05/12/10 Sascha and Marco (Bel Ami)

05/11/10 Bareback Orgy (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

05/10/10 Michael and Dave (Boynapped)

05/07/10 Hagan and Nash (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

05/06/10 Jean-Daniel & Dawson (Bel Ami)

05/05/10 Scotty and Rick (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

05/04/10 Taylor Brooks (You Love Jack)

04/29/10 Two Cocks One Mouth (Raw FIlms) [BAREBACK]

04/29/10 Trevor and Troy (Bel Ami)

04/28/10 Sebastian and Ricky (Boys4Porn) [BAREBACK]

04/26/10 Tony and Jax (Straight Fraternity)

04/23/10 Sporty Boys (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]<

04/22/10 Education of a Porn Star (Bel Ami)

04/21/10 Jay, Tommy, and Ethan (Boys4Porn)[BAREBACK]

04/20/10 Phenix Saint (Badpuppy)

04/19/10 Reef and Jace (Straight Fraternity)

04/15/10 Locker Room Lust (Raw Films)[BAREBACK]

04/15/10 Jean-Daniel Chagall and Alex Orioli (Bel Ami Online)

04/13/10 Johny and Tomi (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

04/12/10 John Holmes - His First Gay Clip! (Vintage Gay Loops)

04/09/10 Ben and Matt (Bulldog Pit)

04/08/10 Florian and Julian (Bel Ami) [BAREBACK]

04/06/10 Vinny (Badpuppy)

04/01/10 Andy Castle (You Love Jack)

04/01/10 Bobby Clark Does the Peters Twins (Bel Ami)

03/31/10 Dan, Jason, and Jay (Bulldog Pit)

03/30/10 Phil and Travis (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

03/29/10 Kez and Sebastian (Boynapped)

03/26/10 Luke and Elijah (Bel Ami)

03/24/10 Mike Bauer (You Love Jack)

03/23/10 Shower Threeway (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

03/22/10 Seriously Sexy (Bel Ami)

03/17/10 Drew Parker (You Love Jack)

03/16/10 Eric and Nicco (Randy Blue)

03/15/10 Fuck Me Like A Dirty Whore! (Twinkscape)

03/12/10 Val and Evan (Bel Ami)

03/10/10 Tommy Finch 3 (You Love Jack)

03/09/10 Lucky and Mike Do It Bareback (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

03/08/10 Ray and Rick (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

03/04/10 Matt Evans (You Love Jack)

03/04/10 Amsterdam Four-Way (Bel Ami)

03/01/10 John and Zack Bareback (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

02/26/10 Gay Brothers (Straight Fraternity)

02/25/10 Jean-Daniel and Dario (Bel Ami)

02/24/10 Dallas, Nicco, & Xander (Randy Blue)

02/23/10 Hagan and Silas (Chaos Men) [BAREBACK]

02/22/10 Christian and Jimmy (Next Door Buddies)

02/18/10 Mario, Julian, and Milano (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

02/18/10 Mark, William, and Aaron (Boynapped)

02/17/10 Cayden and Richard (Randy Blue)

02/15/10 Danny Hunter (You Love Jack)

02/12/10 Julien and Evan (Bel Ami)

02/11/10 Andre and Sage (Breed Me Raw) [BAREBACK]

02/09/10 Bare Skaters (Raw Films)[BAREBACK]

02/08/10 A Very Special Episode of Boynapped! (Boynapped)

02/04/10 Sebastian and Fred (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

02/04/10 Batten Down the Hatches! (Sweet and Raw)[BAREBACK]

02/03/10 Corey and Randy (You Love Jack)

02/02/10 Search and Seizure (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

02/01/10 William and Sebastian (Boynapped)

01/29/10 Fuck The Secret (Video Boys)

01/28/10 I Want A New Toy (Randy Blue)

01/27/10 2 Studs 1 Twink (aka "Hot Caulk") (Bulldog Pit)

01/26/10 Bitch Breeders (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

01/25/10 Corey Trevor (You Love Jack)

01/21/10 The Luda Incident (Video Boys)

01/21/10 Sex Shooter (English Lads)

01/20/10 Noah's Gushing River (You Love Jack)

01/19/10 Booze Makes Me Horny (Raw Films) [BAREBACK]

01/18/10 Ross and Giovany (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

01/15/10 Cameron Cade (College Dudes 247)

01/14/10 Neil and Anthony (English Lads)

01/13/10 Michael and Mario (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

01/12/10 The Peters Twins (Bel Ami)

01/11/10 Josh and Josh (Homo Emo)

01/07/10 Manuel, Trevor, and Henri (Bel Ami)

01/06/10 Sandy and Jason (Homo Emo)

01/05/10 Liam and Zack (English Lads)

01/04/10 Henderson (Boynapped)

12/30/09 Dayton (You Love Jack)

12/29/09 Tom and Sebastian (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

12/28/09 Kwik-E-Lube! (Bait Bus)

12/23/09 Thomas, Jerry, and Mikey (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

12/22/09 Indian Giver (Bait Bus)

12/21/09 Just For Fun Orgy (Bel Ami)

12/18/09 Peter, Alex, and Cuba (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

12/17/09 Malachi, Nick, and Sean (Randy Blue)

12/16/09 The Studding Twins (Next Door Male)

12/15/09 Lucas Wild and Taylor (Video Boys)

12/14/09 Tyler James Self-Suck (You Love Jack)

12/10/09 Todd and Jack (Bel Ami)

12/09/09 Joey and Marcus (You Love Jack)

12/08/09 Mason Versus Machine (Mason Wyler)

12/07/09 Martin and Mike (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

12/04/09 Nick Jordan Returns (You Love Jack)

12/03/09 Luke, Vadim, and Dario (Bel Ami)

12/01/09 Jizz Addicts (Jizz Addiction)

11/30/09 2-for-1 Marine Studs (AWOL Marines)

11/25/09 Nasty Fourway! (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

11/25/09 Bobby and Colin (Bel Ami)

11/23/09 Mason and Blu (Mason Wyler)

11/19/09 Anibal and Elias (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

11/18/09 Chris, Alex, and Robbie (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

11/17/09 Kris (Bel Ami)

11/12/09 Cum Distance Contest (Video Boys)

11/12/09 Twin Special (Bel Ami)

11/10/09 Mason and Jeremy (Mason Wyler)

11/09/09 Frodo, Ron, and Paul (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

11/05/09 Jackson Price 2 (You Love Jack)

11/03/09 Hot and Geeky Marine Stud (AWOL Marines)

11/02/09 Kyle and Leo (Boy Fun Collection)

10/29/09 Alex, Manuel, and Sascha (Bel Ami)

10/29/09 Brett and Topher (Randy Blue)

10/28/09 Shore Leave Buddy Jerk (AWOL Marines)

10/27/09 Kurt Wild (Badpuppy)

10/23/09 Todd and Fabien (Bel Ami)

10/22/09 Room Service (Bareback 101) [BAREBACK]

10/21/09 Jason, Justin, and Marty (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/20/09 Antonio (Teen Boy Models)

10/19/09 Evan Goes Black (Evan Rivers)

10/16/09 Alexi and Bobby (You Love Jack)

10/14/09 Steve, Thomas, and Jeff (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

10/13/09 Lukas and Bobby (Video Boys)

10/12/09 Milan and George (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/09/09 Xavier and Lukas (Video Boys)

10/08/09 Bobby Dale (You Love Jack)

10/07/09 Dawson and Dolph Lambert (Bel Ami)

10/06/09 Cody, Nick, and Randy (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

10/02/09 Jo and Damien (Videoboys)

09/30/09 Hot Tub Threeway (English Lads)

09/29/09 Brett Swanson (Randy Blue)

09/28/09 Shane Fucks Logan Birch (College Dudes 247)

09/25/09 Twin Fever (Bel Ami)

09/23/09 Mario Costa (You Love Jack)

09/22/09 Jimmy Fucks Jack (College Dudes 247)

09/18/09 Elijah & Simon Tag Team Trent (Corbin Fisher)

09/16/09 28 Inches of Wang (Video Boys)

09/15/09 Sweaty Ass Pounding (Dirty Boy Video)

09/14/09 Thomas & Damian (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

09/11/09 Lucas Fucks Elijah (Corbin Fisher)

09/09/09 Jimmy Fucks Beau (College Dudes 247)

09/08/09 Ariel and Jack (Bel Ami Online)

09/03/09 Braith (Teen Boy Models)

09/01/09 Jay, Denis, and Cameron (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

08/31/09 George, Stefano, and Dark Devil (Sweet and Raw) [BAREBACK]

08/27/09 Alexi Bowman (You Love Jack)

08/26/09 Colby (Corbin Fisher)

08/25/09 Brandon and Zeke (Bel Ami)

08/24/09 Matt Mills (Badpuppy)

08/21/09 Justin and Andrew (Next Door Buddies)

08/19/09 Ryan and Jason (Bel Ami)

08/18/09 Hot British Three-way (Bulldog Pit)

08/17/09 That 70's Gay Porn Movie Part 2 (Randy Blue)

08/14/09 Lev & Bill (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

08/13/09 Alex Orioli & Jacques Briere (Bel Ami)

08/12/09 Ashton Hardy (You Love Jack)

08/10/09 Steve and James (Badpuppy)

08/06/09 Peeping Tom (Dirty Boy Video)

08/05/09 Jesse and Ethan (Twinkscape)

08/03/09 That 70's Gay Porno Movie Part 1 (Randy Blue)

07/31/09 Jimmy Jacks Off (Teen Boy Models)

07/30/09 Five-Way (Next Door Buddies)

07/29/09 Seth Fucks Justin (Cocky Boys)

07/27/09 Luke and Josh (Corbin Fisher)

07/24/09 Elijah Fucks Josh (Corbin Fisher)

07/22/09 Street Tramp (Twinkscape)

07/21/09 Steve Boston (Badpuppy)

07/14/09 Kai and Matt (Blake Mason)

07/10/09 Charlie Jack (You Love Jack)

07/09/09 Lucas Fucks Dylan (Corbin Fisher)

07/08/09 Patrick and Jesse (Twinkscape)

07/07/09 Viktor and Rudolph (Badpuppy)

07/02/09 Alexy and Shane (Next Door Buddies)

06/30/09 Jeremy, Jesse, & Ryan (Randy Blue)

06/26/09 Fucking Darin (Corbin Fisher)

06/25/09 Fucking Without Limits (SD Boy) [BAREBACK]

06/23/09 Babyface Marine (AWOL Marines)

06/19/09 Athletic Hottie (Bait Bus)

06/18/09 Owning Ian (Corbin Fisher)

06/15/09 Seth and Guy (Cocky Boys)

06/12/09 Travis (Corbin Fisher)

06/03/09 John (All Australian Boys)

06/01/09 King At the Beach (Boys Pissing)

05/29/09 Alex and Zach (You Love Jack)

05/27/09 Sky and Tristan (Boy Fun Collection)

05/26/09 Danny R. and Nathan B. (Blake Mason)

05/20/09 DJ and Gage (Active Duty)

05/14/09 Scott S. (Blake Mason)

05/13/09 Mason Wyler is Pissed (Boys Pissing)

05/08/09 Mason and DJ (Mason Wyler)

05/06/09 Casting Call (Randy Blue)

05/04/09 Self-Suck Potter (Dirty Boy Video)

04/20/09 Jessie Clinton Self-Suck (You Love Jack)

04/17/09 Bastian and Raymond (Cruiser Boys)

04/13/09 Deaf Twins J/O (Straight Fraternity)

04/10/09 Leo Giamani and Jesse (Cocksure Men) [BAREBACK]

04/08/09 Tony and Steve (Bare Adventures) [BAREBACK]

04/07/09 Study Break (Bareback Vids) [BAREBACK]

04/06/09 Vincent and Brandon (Randy Blue)

04/03/09 Joshua Davis (You Love Jack)

04/01/09 Twink Orgy (Twinkscape)

03/31/09 Ass Aerobics (Bareback Vids) [BAREBACK]

03/30/09 Isaac Marx (Randy Blue)

03/27/09 A+ Trailer (Bel Ami)

03/25/09 Gage and Jake (College Dudes 247)

03/24/09 Peete (Boy Fun Collection)

03/23/09 Tucker Jones (You Love Jack)

03/20/09 Model Audition 1 (Bel Ami)

03/16/09 Jeremiah and Shane (Boys Pissing)

03/13/09 Donnie Bravo Fucks Himself! (You Love Jack)

03/10/09 Tristian Rubs One Out (Boy Fun Collection)

02/19/09 Behind the Scenes Sampler (Bel Ami)

02/18/09 Alex Fucks Connor (Corbin Fisher)

02/13/09 Bobby Dean (You Love Jack)

02/12/09 Barrel Racer from Texas (Bait Bus)

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