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12/04/03 - HardNStraight.com


Us gay folk are a predictable enough bunch to know that if there's 3 things we really, really want, it's a killer clothing ensemble, a new Volkswagen, and the ability to seduce scrumptious straight boys at will. I dunno about the first 2, but Brendon Marley definitely has the straight boy seduction thing down. Thank god he's kind enough to share his exploits with us in an endless series of video titles where he does what he does best - get straight boys to strip, stroke off, and even get jerked off, sucked off, and rimmed by another man. Humina!


Brendon Marley's amateur gay videos featuring straight guys in not-so-straight action have set the standard for the straight guy seduction video genre since the early 1990's, and HardNStraight.com lives up to the Brendon Marley reputation.

At any given time, there are literally dozens upon dozens of high quality video scenes available on the site featuring hardbodied, hung, drop-dead hot straight boys jerking off and getting stroked and sucked to wildly arousing orgasms by Brendon and a couple of his lucky friends. The videos are updated constantly, with fresh new clips and entirely new titles added all the time.

HardNStraight HardNStraight
HardNStraight HardNStraight

With titles like Stretched, Straight Hunk Spunk, and Jizz Junkie to name a few, it's pretty clear what this site is all about and why it's a JuicyGoo favorite - get a straight boy on cam, seduce him with some hot porn and a little bit of cash, and get him to blow that heterosexual cum all over the screen like a firehose. Ohhhh yeahhhh!!! We like it! We love it! We want more of it!

What makes these videos even hotter - a mighty accomplishment given just how amazing the action is - are the way they progress. Firing up the camera, interviewing these hapless straight boys, lettin' them introduce themselves and talk about their girlfriends for a little while, getting 'em all worked up and horny, havin' em whip their dicks out and start beating off... then watch as Brendon masterfully inserts himself in to the mix, wrapping his lips around those hard and straight cocks, burying his tongue in to their tight, virgin holes, bringing them to their first every gay sex orgasm.

Endless minutes of video footage featuring raging hot straight boys shooting jets of cum all over the screen and being introduced to man-sex for the first time in their young lives?


We rubbed ourselves raw with HardNStraight.com, and gladly give it:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to visit this porn site again! When we typed in the URL, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This site has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this website should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update JuicyGoo for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room surfing through this site.

Get your ass straight to HardNStraight.com

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HardNStraight.com Review

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