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Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher
Boy Ride
Boy Ride
Bel Ami
Bel Ami
Boy Storm
Boy Storm


JuicyGoo is a totally amateur site. We run it in our free time. We don't charge anyone to view it. We don't get paid by it or anyone for it. We share what we like through it. And hope you like what you find here as well!

Who are you?
There's two of us. Just a couple buds who really like porn! haha. We're 25 and 21. We're both web junkies and know a lil something here and there about making websites and what not. So we figured what the hell, we'd make this one. We're cute too! So say hi if you are too haha

Doesn't any site or movie get a bad review?
Oh god yes. We don't put up all the gay adult movies and websites that we review up on here. Just don't have enough bandwidth and space to host them all! As we start to get bigger we'll probably upload archives of all the reviews, but right now it's just take too much time. So we figure we'd only put up the reviews worth seeing and reading about for now. But feel free to e-mail us and ask about a particular site in case you're curious whether or not we've reviewed it. If it's a really crappy one by our standards, we'll let ya know!

Where did the name "JuicyGoo" come from?
hehe we get this question a lot. We were just hanging out one day wondering what we'd call a porn site if we started one up. And we went through all kinds of names, checking to see which ones were taken as we started listing them off. Naturally, semen-related references became the popular theme (big surprise, huh?). "juicy goo" just randomly popped out (no pun intended!) and we saw that the name wasn't taken! So we figured it was as good as any, and went with it. We want the site to be hot, as well as fun. And think JuicyGoo TM fits that well.

Where do you get the pics?
The vast majority come from people just like you! Users who submit pics of themselves or that they have collected. So JuicyGoo's amateur galleries really are a community effort! :) We also get some from digging around the Internet collecting pics we've thought were really hot from other amateur webcam sites. All pics "freely floating" around the Internet. We just figured we'd make a place someone could easily find all of em. A clearing house of hot amateur pics/webcam captures. Some of the pics come from websites that were nice enough to give us some of their hottest material and put it up on here so that people could see their stuff and see how hot their pics and vids are.

How can you afford to run the site?!
It's not easy! With so many pictures, the site sucks up a lot of bandwidth. It gets pricey to maintain it. Friends have hooked us up with webspace, bandwidth, and some of those costs. But otherwise, the site does have to generate some money. That's where you come in! Although JuicyGoo TM is entirely free, webmasters who have been kind and generous enough to help us pay to maintain it are promoted throughout the site with banners and links to their own websites. If you really like what you see on JuicyGoo TM , help us out by visiting the other sites we feature on here. The banners in the galleries and what not. If you like their sites enough, go ahead and join them! We only feature sites and pics on here that we like, so if you like what you see here you'll like what you see on the websites we advertise. And when you pay to join them, they thank JuicyGoo TM by helping us out even more with costs and expenses :)

What do I do if I find my pic here?
If you find your pic on here and want it taken down, let us know! We'll take it down right away. The amateur pics we have on here were submitted by visitors or from a Yahoo! group we had to post them in (but Yahoo! deleted it and tons of other ones! ah!) But if you think someone submitted a picture that's you and not them and want it taken down, give us the heads up and let us know what and where the image is and we'll kill it :) Also, sometimes a picture that looks amateur/webcam/homemade is actually a video capture or something from a copyrighted movie or site! But it's really hard for us to tell which is which. If you find a picture that's copyrighted by you, let us know! We can either take it down or even give you credit for it. Afterall, we thought the pic was hot enough to post. So you deserve credit for taking such a hot pic!

How can I get my pics on here?
Click the "email" link below and send them our way! We'll be more than happy to put them up so long as you're over 18. Preference is for guys 18-25 to fit in with the overall theme of the site. We know what our surfers want, so that's what we wanna give them. If you're a webmaster and want to share some of your stuff with our surfers, email us as well. If you got stuff that fits with JuicyGoo TM right and that we think is hot, we'll put it here for ya and give you credit. Though we don't shoot any of our own content for JuicyGoo TM , we happily refer those interested in models to some of the websites we promote. If you're interested - and especially if you're in the United Kingdom - please let us know!

How often do you update?
It's not easy running a site like this! But we update it when we can. As you can see by the dates in the galleries and updates sections, we're able to do that pretty often so far. And we'll try and do it as much as often so you always have new stuff to stroke to.

How can I contact someone I've seen in the pics?
Hell if we know! If we did, we'd keep that info to ourselves. We want these hotties as much as you!

Any other questions not covered here?
E-mail JuicyGoo


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Our mission at JuicyGoo is quite simple - to work tirelessly towards the betterment of the world and bring pleasure to untold millions...

Ok not really. We just love porn. Love it! Thus the willingness to spend all kinds of time watching, reading, reviewing, looking at, studying, observing, writing about, and posting porn. Every now and then we come across some flattering words about JuicyGoo or an expression of appreciation for the site and it totally blows us away! And since we never miss a chance to toot our own horns... though I've kinda wished I could "toot my own horn" for a long long time but have never been able to... in fact almost threw my back out trying... but anyways! Here's some of what some other people are saying about JuicyGoo!

Whoa! Talk about an honor! Cybersocket must like 100% free amateurs!! YAY! JuicyGoo - One of the Top 10 Hottest Sex Sites! - Cybersocket Magazine If you and your laptop were stranded on a desert island (a Wi-Fi-enabled desert island, of course) and you could only choose 10 sex sites with which to arouse thy proverbial meat, which URLs would you choose?


The February 2004 (6.2) Issue of Cybersocket Magazine was a huge surprise when we picked up our copy because JuicyGoo was a Cybersocket Sex Site Pick! It read, "This TGP has everything you could ever want, describing itself as, Your friendly, neighborhood gay orgasm-inspiring resource. Combing the Net for the best gay porn in the universe, they offer loads of free pics, site and movie reviews, and whatever else we can do to help you nut. Just sit back and stroke."

HereBoston - a gay resource site with chat, personals, news, fun gossip, and all kindsa good stuff for all you hotties in New England - gave us a pleasant surprise when they picked JuicyGoo as their first ever "Hot Site of the Day" on February 9, 2004! Thanks, HereBoston! If you're a Boston-area Gooer, definitely give them a looksie! They said, "Starting today, we are giving you a Hot Site of the Day. If hot pics are what you like, hot pics of hot males, then you are in for some fun, each and every day. We aren't going to make it that easy for you, though. Today is special. JuicyGoo is our first Hot Site of the Day."

If you spot any other news about JuicyGoo out there, let us know! Cuz quite frankly, we love the attention! haha. Woohoo!