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Starring: James Alexander, Darian Hawke, Reece Richards, Sherman Ash, Ben Taylor, Erwin Van Den Broek, Aaron Jones, Brace Levitt, Stefan Anderson, Christian Aster

No doubt about it: Gay guys love skater boys. They're the object of many a gay man's fantasy. For good reason, too! Rebellious, athletic, young, hot, edgy - and often straight! - skater boys give us gay fellas wood. Massive wood. Aching wood. We love ourselves some skater boys. Eurocreme does our fantasies justice with this awesome flick, getting the biggest dicked, horniest skater boys in the UK to shag eachother silly in what is definitely one of the most popular DreamBoy titles.

James Alexander and Darian Hawke are the two coverboy stars in this flick, as we follow them around and get to watch all the hardcore naughtiness they get caught up in. These boys are horny, their cocks are massive, and they can't get enough sex! My favorite scene is the mindblowing 4-way, where James and Darian get busted by a cute yet snotty store clerk who accuses them of being up to no good, calling in a hot cop to interrogate our two protagonists. Sure enough, it's not long before the sex begins, all 4 of these scorching hot boys engaging in some truly ball-draining, ass-pounding, fuck-tastic action. There's a whole helluva lot of group sex in this flick, the 4-way with the cop just one blazing hot scene among many.

James and Darian just can't stop finding cute boys to play with as these two skater boys fuck their way through action that's made SkaterBoy the favorite among many of my friends who have seen all of DreamBoy's movies. That's quite an accomplishment, as well, seeing as my friends love all of these flicks!

Ya best not miss the double-fucking scene, either! It never ceases to amaze us when some hot bottom gets doubledipped on film. I absolutely love it! (I just noticed that I go back and forth between "us" and "me" alot... I really need to sort out my pronouns) With all of Eurocreme's boys having such huge cocks, it's pretty damn impressive that one of them is able to take two up his (perhaps no longer) tight pucker and get mercilessly drilled by them both at the same time. But hey, I ain't complainin'! I'll watch that scene til I can't nut no more!

To stand out among all the amazing DreamBoy movies is quite an accomplishment, and SkaterBoy does just that! So you know this movie is an endless wave of furious orgasms. Let the goo fly!

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 Eurocreme Models:

Chris Cooke
Jamie Summers
Antonio Lopez
Daniel Leger
Darian Hawke
Dylan Ryan
James Alexander
Reece Richards
Ryan Morgan
Ben Hunter

 Eurocreme Movies:
-SpyBoy 2
-DreamBoy USA


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