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James Alexander

OK... before you read any further, scroll down to James' photos and look at that cock of his. I'll wait...


... done yet? Or have you completely forgotten about the text and are now furiously wanking your crank to his photos? I don't blame ya if you are. Goodness knows I've done it plenty of times. This boy is hot, and his dick is amazing. How is it that a guy with such a cute face has a dick that's so gargantuanly huge?! Not to mention the fact that he's got an incredible body, totally ripped with a hot-as-fuck chest. Max Lincoln and the DreamBoy crew knew James was a great find, which is why he's one of SkaterBoy's coverboys, and also appears in SpyBoy.

Nothing against SpyBoy, but it's SkaterBoy that really shows off James Alexander and what a total stud boy he is. In that movie, he not only drives that huge wang of his deep and powerfully in to other Eurocreme hotties' tight holes but also gets shagged silly himself. It's awesome seeing a boy as hot as James eagerly top and bottom in his movies. You know he's just horny as hell and loves sex, and you get to see a total Brit hottie doing any and everything you'd want to see him do.

Alas, you're still probably lookin' at his pics and gawking over that huge cock of his so I'll let ya get to it and quit buggin' ya with this reading stuff.

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