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Starring: Ryan Morgan, Ben Slater, Antonio Lopez, Nick King, Aster Unger, Joel Jones, Jack Paronuzzi, Sherman Ash, Kris Singleton, Andrew Foqs, Jamie Carter, Billy Forest, Brock Devonshire, Chris Brady, Ricky Alares, Angel Knight, Anthony Azimov, Andrei Knutsson

DreamBoy has become synonymous not only with the best gay porn movies to come out of the United Kingdom ever (and I don't say that lightly... they really are the best gay porn movies ever to come out of the UK), and it's this title film that launched the DreamBoy name at the gay porn loving public and put Eurocreme's DreamBoy above and beyond the competition, giving birth to not just its sequel, DreamBoy USA, but the entire line of DreamBoy titles.

It's this movie that introduces us to Ryan Morgan and his DreamBoy character, Danny, along with the amazingly gorgeous Antonio Lopez. This movie also introduces Danny to gay sex, getting his ass plowed in a scorching scene that starts off the flick and a series of sex-tacular teamings that just don't let up. Seeing the movie's two main characters ball eachother senseless, as well as tagteam a cute young travel agent whose cock is as hard as a rock throughout the thorough pounding he gets assure you'll blow many a nut before this movie's even reached its midway point!

When Danny and Max, the two main characters, head off the France, more out of this world sex ensues. Hot young soldier boys, tasty French waiters, and a huge orgy (ya knew that was coming... just look at the size of the cast list above!) in a gorgeous French castle where asses are getting drilled across every inch of the screen, a whole gaggle of beautiful boys swallow every cock in sight, and a hurricane of cum blasts every boy around will leave you gasping in awe. This movie's so hot, it'd make a bowl of wet noodles stiffen up.

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 Eurocreme Models:

Chris Cooke
Jamie Summers
Antonio Lopez
Daniel Leger
Darian Hawke
Dylan Ryan
James Alexander
Reece Richards
Ryan Morgan
Ben Hunter

 Eurocreme Movies:
-SpyBoy 2
-DreamBoy USA


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