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Our reviews of Eurocreme's DreamBoy series of movies started off like any other movie review. We'd heard from a fellow website owner and movie reviewer that they were worth checking out. We contacted Eurocreme - based in The Netherlands - asking for some screener copies to check out and review, and when the movies arrived in the mail the boxcovers indeed made them look promising. Nice design, cool graphics, catchy titles and hot boys on the covers. Little did we know that we were about to check out some of the absolute, most intense and incredible gay porn videos our DVD players had ever had the privilege of playing.

Eurocreme's DreamBoy movies require almost a whole new classification of video. There are European twinks. And then there are massive-dicked European twinks. Eurocreme has massive-dicked European twinks. Damn near the whole lot of them have huge cocks. How they manage to gather boys that are not only gorgeous and insanely sexy but also that have such huge cocks is mindblowing. In fact, many people we've talked to about these movies say that's one of the first impressions they had about the films - the boys all have huge cocks!

Massive wangs aren't the only things that make these movies a thrill. Again, the boys are gorgeous. Eurocreme has assembled a roster of the absolute hottest boys in all of the British Isles to star in their films. And not only are they brilliant to look at, but they also all love sex - and it damn well shows in the movies. These flicks are packed with some of the most hardcore, fastpaced, intense sex ever caught on video. These British beauties don't just fuck. They pound the living hell out of eachother. They don't just suck cock. They swallow cock down to the hilt and bury their dicks balls-deep down eachothers' throats. They spray massive loads all over the place and get their asses drilled in every imaginable position. They slam their dicks in to eachothers' tight holes mercilessly and with reckless abandon. Every sex scene blazes with some truly remarkable sex. These boys leave no doubt they're hot to trot and ready to fuck like machines.

All of these gorgeous, big-dicked boys and the supremely intense sex they're engaged in happens in the context of high-quality video productions with well-executed storylines (even good acting!!) that add to just how hot the movies are and how they tap in to some of the most amazing fantasies to ever be played out in a gay porn flick. Excellently filmed and edited, superbly cast, shot in exotic and fantastic locations and jampacked with some of the most remarkable sex ever put on film - these movies are really as good as it gets. And that's why we had to create a whole section of JuicyGoo devoted entirely to Eurocreme's movies, and their amazing stars. We hope you check these flicks out for yourself, and know you'll be as blown away as we were when we saw them

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 Eurocreme Models:

Chris Cooke
Jamie Summers
Antonio Lopez
Daniel Leger
Darian Hawke
Dylan Ryan
James Alexander
Reece Richards
Ryan Morgan
Ben Hunter

 Eurocreme Movies:
-SpyBoy 2
-DreamBoy USA


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