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05/14/05 - DoggyBoys.com


DoggyBoys shows ya what a Twink Hall Of Fame would look like:

I'm still relatively young, and so this fondness I have for twinks and twink porn isn't too bad of a thing... right? But I've always wondered if, 50 years from now when I'm old and gray and living in a home, I'll still be a total twink-hound.

Things seem to be working out for me when I go on some date with a hot 30 year old guy or somethin' and totally have a blast and think he's entirely fuckable despite being a buncha years older than me.

But then I come across a site like DoggyBoys.com and BAM! I relapse right back in to twinkaholism.

Ya see... when it comes to twinks, it's hard to find any site out there that does a better job of bringing them to you than DoggyBoys. Based in Europe and featuring some of the absolute tastiest twinks on that entire continent, DoggyBoys is an endless supply of twink-inspired orgasm after twink-inspired orgasm and if you like your boys between 18 and 20, European, smooth, tight, trim, uncut, and hot as all fawk (that's like "fuck" but annunciated differently so as to greater emphasize the hot as fuck-ness) then joining this site should definitely be on your to-do list.

When you first land at DoggyBoys.com you can tell right off the bat that you're in for some definite cuteness. The design is cute, with bright colors and graphics and a very playful feel throughout. But it's the boys spread throughout the site that really put the cuteness factor over the top. It's obvious DoggyBoys.com goes for quality, with truly adorable and gorgeous models that are some of the finest examples of twinkiness on the net, and incredible quality images and videos that show off their amazing models as best as possible. You can't help but fall head over heels for their models, as DoggyBoys.com makes it a point to show them smiling, carefree, and not just having sex but also having tons of fun!

The images in their photo galleries are huge - great resolution and excellent quality - so you're able to enjoy and appreciate these boys to the fullest extent. The videos likewise are super quality (320x256 resolution) - and you're able to download them all to your computer and keep them as your own forever and ever and ever. The videos are in .avi format, so a newer version of DivX player will have you all set and ready to watch some of the most sizzling hot twink sex you've ever laid eyes on. Along with tons of solo jerk off videos where the cute-as-fuck DoggyBoys blast their DoggyBoy cum all over the garshdarn place, there are also loads of hardcore videos - every single one featuring a gorgeous young twink taking another hot twink's cock up their tight and hairless hole.

And that's something we definitely love about DoggyBoys and one of its traits that made our review of this site so fun to conduct - action!!! I hate it when I see some insanely hot model on a site and get all excited and eager to check them out, only to find it never goes beyond just jerkin' off for them. Sure, jerking off is great. Seeing some smokin' hot boy yankin' their crank and blasting off loads of goo is nothing short of brilliant. But when there's some horribly gorgeous boy like that, you can't help but want to see more. Namely, you want to see them having sex. Sucking cock. Taking it up the ass. Fucking another guy. Tossin' the salad. Whatever! Just so long as they do it with another hot guy! And DoggyBoys.com understands this, their video section's hardcore clips far outnumbering their solo clips. In fact, they do things just how a site should - have the photo galleries leaning in favor of solo spreads so that you can see the models, check them out, appreciate and enjoy and rub one out to their hot photos, and then have the videos focus on sex. Scorching hot, ass pounding, wang-smokin', twink sex! Yeeehaw! Isn't that what life's all about?

It's really easy to navigate through the entire site, cruising through the galleries either by order of updates or by model (a great feature because you'll sure as hell become a huge fan of a number of their models and wanna check them out over and over again). The videos are arranged by date of update, and it's really easy to find what will drain your neeters with thumbnails of each clip givin' ya a really good idea of just what's in store when you download that clip.

Seriously, though, I just can't stress enough how fuckin' hot this site is - you login and check out their models and fall in love with them on site, convinced you're seeing perhaps the sexiest twink you've ever laid eyes on. And next thing you know you're watchin' him get fucked like a champ and you're firing ropes of jizz all over the damn place.

One Doggy Boy you'll want to lick all over from head to toe for sure? Zoom. His faces makes ya go "Awwwwww! HOT!", his body makes you drool uncontrollably, and his cock makes your butthole twitch like it's havin' a seizure. I'd seen pics of Zoom in several different places before doing this review - on some porn surfer boards here and there and I'd had a fellow twinkaholic friend of mine e-mail me his photos a few months back telling me "DUDE! THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT BOY EVER!!!!" and I sure as hell didn't disagree! It's like someone rubbed a lamp, out came the genie, they wished for a perfect boy, and Zoom came to be. Then DoggyBoys.com discovered him and all our wishes came true!

But don't go thinking DoggyBoys relies on Zoom alone for its appeal and hotness factor. It's got gorgeous boys bursting out the seams, with every click of your mouse bringing you to a Doggy Boy that makes you leak like a broken faucet. Arunas is another favorite of mine. As is Willy. As is Algis. As is Maunas. Hell, as is just about every single one of these hot boys!

To be quite frank, there's a lotta Europe-based twink sites that almost make ya feel kinda guilty for checking them out. The guys are too skinny. Or the models seem set amidst some dank and dismal surroundings. But not DoggyBoys. I actually found myself grinning ear to ear several times while surfing through the site, the bright smiles on the faces of the models in the photos making it so I couldn't help but smile as well.

Twink site owners, take note! DoggyBoys does it all right in just about every way anyone could ever want. There's no turnin' back now! After having checked this site, I'm gonna be a twink-chaser 'til my dying day. And that'll sure as hell make for some extremely frustrating, tortuous relationships between now and then (oh c'mon. You know what I'm talking about. And if you don't, it's cuz you're one of them damn twinks), but that's ok. Cuz I'll be happy as hell strokin' off to DoggyBoys!

For stunningly gorgeous twink models done justice by superb quality images and videos, excellent navigation, a fresh and fun feel throughout the entire site and with every piece of content, and bringin' ya more nuts than a case of super chunky Jiff, DoggyBoys.com fetches:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to visit this porn site again! When we typed in the URL, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This site has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this website should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update JuicyGoo for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room surfing through this site.

There's a buttload of bone waitin' for you at DoggyBoys.com

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