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"Corbin Fisher has found some of the most truly outrageously hot ones you never imagined you'd see nekkid. Ever seen those painfully gorgeous hot boys out there and thought "Oh if he only did porn so I could see him naked cuz I'd never have a rats ass chance with him myself!" Well they're doin' porn on CorbinFisher.com. And it's some faaaaaaantastic porn!"
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06/14/04 - CorbinFisher.com


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There are names out there synomymous with uber amazing gay porn. You hear or see their names and you automatically think about hot guys, hot sex, hot guys, awesome porn, and hot guys. Names like Brendon Marley, George Duroy, Sean Cody, Chi Chi Larue. They produce and direct some of the most fantabulously nut-busting stuff out there, and although they don't star in the porn themselves (thankfully, in some cases! hehehe) they're makin' all our lives gooier by going out and discovering the hottest boys around and getting them naked, screwing, jerking and shooting on camera.


Well boys... add another name to that list.

Corbin Fisher.



We just finished slobbering over every inch of www.corbinfisher.com - a new name and fresh addition to the world of online gay porn and... the verdict is?



Sweet goodness gracious. Give us a moment to collect ourselves...


Seriously now, what a flat out incredible site this one is. Can you say hottest boys on the web?! We damn well think so! I mean... there's hot... then there's stunningly hot. There's boner-worthy. Then there's involuntary, spontaneous, uncontrolled, instantaneous orgasm hot. Corbin Fisher has the latter. There are a great many hot boys on the web. But Corbin Fisher has found some of the most truly outrageously hot ones you never imagined you'd see nekkid. Ever seen those painfully gorgeous hot boys out there and thought "Oh if he only did porn so I could see him naked cuz I'd never have a rats ass chance with him myself!" Well they're doin' porn on CorbinFisher.com. And it's some faaaaaaantastic porn! They're pounding eachother up their tight and taut bums, crawlin' all over cock left and right, strokin' their big dicks and blowing their wads over ripped and smooth abs. It's a sight (site? Puns are funs!) to behold!


Ok first the technical mumbo jumbo. Corbin Fisher's design is genius in its simplicity. No flashy mess to overwhelm you. Just plain old collegiate blue and gold wherever you go. It's the boys that stand out on this site and rightfully so, the design leaving it up to the hotties in the pics to provide the stunning visuals and boy do they ever! Each set and update has a thumbnail of the boy(s) in it. Click it and it takes you to a page with a little bit of info about the players and what you're about to see them do, some photo sets of high quality digital images along with stills captured from the vids, and then for Microsoft Windows users, both streaming and downloadable full length vids (usually around 20mins each) in quick and easy speedy or fancy shmancy high quality. Mac users get the high quality, awesome video streams but can't download (Mac computers aren't compatible with Microsoft's brand new video download technology that's quickly becoming the internet standard. poop! But don't worry, Mac-ers! The streams are amazingly high quality, and just as hot as ever! RAWWWR! Whether you view them streaming or downloaded to your machine, these videos are a must see!). Bonus points for letting you download the clips to your harddrive and watch em on your computer for as long as you're a member. Because trust me... you'll be watching this stuff a whoooole lot! It's that hot! Easy to navigate, letting you search through the sets by thumbnail photos, most recently updated, or names of the models. And the model name one is a search feature you're sure as heck gonna find useful right away, as there are a good number of Corbin Fisher's models that will truly captivate you and you're going to want to see them over and over and over again.

Check out what the model's pages look like:
Model Page 1Model Page 2

But alas! Enough of that stuff. Let's get down to the real reason this site is unbelievable awesome:

The Boys!

We immediately fell in love with about half a dozen. And that's only because they truly, seriously must be some of the hottest guys we've ever seen online. The other dozens of models are insanely hot as well, don't get us wrong. It's just that these half dozen? Finest specimens of nakedness on the World Wibe Web! AHHHH! HOTTT!

Here are our favorites:

Devin / Dillon / Lucas
Aaron / Logan / Travis

Can ya tell we got a weakness for hot blondies? Guilty as charged! :)

But they're by no means cookie cutter boys on CorbinFisher - apart from the fact that they're all flat out hot. There's some tan Latin hotties, some massively cute Eastern European boys, some Do-Me-Now-Please!!-ishly hot college jocks. Whatever your flavor, so long as you like them hot, they're here!


And they get interviewed some. They talk, you get to know about em and see how they are and act and speak. See em play around outside as they get to meet one another before they're duo sex scenes, toss around the football before they toss around the salads. teehee! They draw you in to their appeal, then they strip and tease and build you up... then... they jerk! And they play with their balls and holes. And they shoot loads all over themselves and eachother. They fuck eachother, the suck eachother's cocks, they rim eachother's holes, they moan and groan and beg for more. There's dreamers and screamers and dribblers and shooters and tops and bottoms. It's porn heaven if you like them young, stunningly hot, smooth, trim, tight, ripped, defined, hard and leakin'!


2 scenes you absolutely have to see? The cutest bottom boy around - Toby - cummin' 3 times (3 times!!!) in one video. That's 3 loads in 20 minutes! His first one he shoots while simply making out with another guy! Whoa, that's hot. He got so worked up by the friction of one boy's cock and chest rubbing up against his dick that all of a sudden - BLAMMO! - he's like "OHHHH!!!" and fires off a surprise load. YES! Then he shoots some more goo while gettin' his ass plowed (his facial expressions alone will make you nut) and then he lets loose with another surprise, topping his buddy and cummin' yet again. That's good porn right there, kids!


Another awesome scene is threesome that appeared brand new midway through our review period. In it, a hot young college stud takes a frighteningly big cock up his hole. You're thinking "Ok I've seen 3somes where hot boys get fucked by big cocks a bazillion times. What makes this one so special?!" Well... either put on some headphones or make sure the neighbors can't hear your computer cuz ohhhh boy does he get loud! On the site, it warns you he's a screamer and a loud bottom but when you see his ass takin' that cock and hear him lovin' it as loudly as he can let you know? Insta-orgasm! Even when he tries to muffle out his own moans by swallowing the 3rd boys cock, he's still a loud one! The looks on his face alone are enough to make this scene brilliantly hot. But the fucking and dildo play and screamin' and moaning? Porn was made to capture scenes like this! AMAZING!

CorbinFisherCorbin Fisher

Without a doubt, this site is a must see. It's got the straight boys. It's got the gay boys. But it doesn't try and bullshit you with any phoney stories. As Corbin Fisher says on the site itself: we are above having to rely on the "straight" factor alone to stoke your interest in our erotica. And they are! It's as simple as their black and white interface: Hot boys. Hot sex.

Bonus Corbin Fisher Galleries:
Corbin Fisher 01
Corbin Fisher 02
Corbin Fisher 03
Corbin Fisher 04

For blowing us away and making us fall in love with their models, while blowing insane amounts of goo all over and every which way throughout their entire site and to every set, clip, and model, CorbinFisher.com deservedly gets the grand and glorious:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to visit this porn site again! When we typed in the URL, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This site has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this website should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update JuicyGoo for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room surfing through this site.

Start buying tissue in bulk, and hustle on over to CorbinFisher.com

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