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01/18/05 - CorbinFisher.com's Lucas


I heard from Corbin Fisher himself that when they put Lucas' first video up on CorbinFisher.com, the feedback they got from members was incredible. Tons of emails from site members saying he was the hottest guy they'd seen in ages! And when you look at this straight, 18 year old, wrestling and body building cutie with the boyish face and the absolutely, insanely ripped and muscular bod it's not hard to see why! Lucas is hot! So fucking hot. His body just blows me away. Absolute perfect definition, bulging muscles, that mop of blond hair and that adorable face and that rock hard cock that you can just tell from looking at it is as hard as steel when boned up.

One of CorbinFisher.com's newest finds, this boy's gonna be a star. Not only is he already a favorite of CorbinFisher fans all over, but he's also sure to pop up in tons more CorbinFisher.com updates in the future.

Definitely check out CorbinFisher.com if you wanna see more of this amazing young hottie with the nut busting body!

CorbinFisher's Lucas

See more of Lucas at CorbinFisher.com

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