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11/09/05 - CorbinFisher.com's Dawson


Oh what a sexy sunofabitch! CorbinFisher.com landed a real winner with this one. Dawson has to be flat out one of the hottest guys I've ever laid eyes and busted nut to. Look at this boy's body! It's flawless! I couldn't get definition like that if I had a dictionary surgically implanted in to my chest!

Blond hair, bright blue eyes, big dick, tight butt, and muscled and toned to perfection!

How do ya do it, Corbin!? Where does someone find guys like this?! How come they're not knocking down my door and offering to make babies with me?!

If ya like all-American, midwestern, muscled and hot straight boys then you definitely gotta check out more of Dawson at CorbinFisher.com!!

CorbinFisher's Dawson

See more of Dawson at CorbinFisher.com

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