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05/28/04 - Camp YMAC Groovy!


Absolutely, positively, undeniably one of the hottest twink flicks of all time. We here at JuicyGoo have been cruising around the net for free porn for a damn long time now. And in that time we've come across a particular few pics that have tapped in to our nut wells (there's a new analogy for ya!) more than any others. One of the total most famous pics circulating the web's free porn halls these days is this one:

And for damn good reason! It's a hot pic! Check out Lee Hunter laid back against that log and lovin' it while his own log gets schlobbed by his twinky friend. Yummayyyy! That's some damn fine imagery right there. Camp YMAC is a flick no doubt a great many porn lovers adore. But a lot of people love it without knowing! They've seen the pics. They've seen the models. Guys like Lee Hunter, Shawn Ross, Sparky O'Toole, Keith Dillon, and Mark Chase. They've jerked off to still images from the movie many times. But they never knew where those pics actually came from or what movie those models were actually in! But we know! And we're bringin' it to you here on RetroGoo!

One of the things that makes this movie oh so ragingly hot is how it shows off just how much of a wild bottom boy Lee Hunter could be. In many of the classic YMAC titles, he bottoms in every damn scene! Over and over! Letting every single other guy in the movie have their turn at his ass. That's hot! This movie is no exception, as Lee runs around the screen sitting on and bending over for every cock in sight.

And these vintage, classic twink flicks don't waste your time, either. They get right to business. Full on hardcore action all the time. Little bit o' plot, them BAM! Buttsex! Little bit of cocksucking, then BAM! Dick in the ass! And cumshots, cumshots, cumshots galore! It's nonstop action from the get go.

YMAC throws a special treat on this flick as well, with Scooter, Tad, and Jeff in a hot, poolside 3way snuck in at the end of the movie. Real life, real vintage, really hot amateur vintage twink sex that'll blow you away if you've managed to make it that far in to the movie to see it.

Want to discover true twink treasure for yourself? Camp YMAC is it!

You won't see many of these images anywhere else! Actual original still photos shot during the filming of Camp YMAC, along with special photos taken for promo of the movie and of the models during filming! JuicyGoo's RetroGoo brings them to you first!


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J'aime les filmes du Jean-Daniel Cadinot!!! This French master of gay twink porn created some of the wildest, raunchiest, hottest, most amazingly nut-busting flicks of all time! If you haven't seen a Cadinot film, you are seriously missing out!

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