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08/29/05 - Brent Everett

Brent Everett

If Brent Everett isn't the hottest thing in gay porn, then I don't have a 12'' dick. Ok... I don't have a 12'' dick. But he still is the hottest damn thing in porn. And I'm not the only one who thinks that. Release a movie with Brent Everett and it's sure to sell. Mention his name to a fellow homo and they'll sprout instant wood and start drooling uncontrollably. His face is adorable, his body is flawless, his ass is to die for, and his cock is why gay sex was invented.

It's simply not possible for me to see enough of this hottie, and we here at JuicyGoo know tons of other guys also feel the same way, as we're constantly getting e-mails from people beggin' for more Brent! Well... we're all in luck! Brent Everett's been a super busy boy as of late, launching his own production company - Triple X Studios - as well as his own website - BrentXXX.com. Recently we were lucky enough to have the chance to interview Brent via e-mail about some of his upcoming stuff, as well as the kinds of wierd things we here at JuicyGoo think about when we lust after hot boys like Brent.

So, we're thrilled to bring you JuicyGoo.com's Exclusive Interview With Gay Porn Superstar and Uber Hottie Brent Everett!

JuicyGoo: OK! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us!
Brent Everett: Thank you! I would just really, really like to thank you and any fans in general for supporting my work and my website [JG - www.brentxxx.com]. Without the fans I would definately not have had the experiences and opprtunities that I do. THANKS GUYS!!

JuicyGoo: Thank you! Since gay marriage is legal in Canada, if I were to move to Canada would you marry me?
Brent Everett: LOL with the look on my boyfriend's face right now I'm going to have to say no. lol.

JuicyGoo: DAMN! hehe. So you just recently launched BrentXXX.com - your own personal site. Was it a pain in the ass to get it up and running or did all that go smoothly?
Brent Everett: I can definitely say that it hasn't gone as smoothly as I thought it would. Seems I have taken a crash course in programming lol. But I have recently met someone who seems to know his stuff and it's been running pretty smoothly lately.

JuicyGoo: Of all the hot things offered on the site, what do you think would make someone want to join most of all (besides you, of course hehe)?
Brent Everett: Hmm well I think the site has some great pics and many hot videos but I think the best part is the interaction between me and the members at the live shows. The chats can get very interesting and it's just hot to perform live with so many people watching and chatting.

JuicyGoo: *gasm* Have you ever won an Olympic gold medal for snowboarding, but then had it taken away because you got busted for smoking weed?
Brent Everett: I will plead the fifth on that one! ;)

JuicyGoo: A couple of the things (among many) about you that make people love ya so much are your huge dick and your incredible body. Ever had a bottom complain that you were too big? If so... what the hell was his problem?!
Brent Everett: LOL well there has been a few but hell, it just makes me want their ass even more and usually I get my way in the end lol.

JuicyGoo: "get my way in the end" hehehe I bet! And do you work out all the time or are you one of those people who can eat like 8 liters of ice cream and a pile of cheeseburgers everyday yet still be that defined and ripped (if so, I hate you)?
Brent Everett: As for working out, I do my best to go as much as I can but I am naturally pretty lean.

JuicyGoo: You're definitely well known and popular. Has that ever been a hassle? Had any wierd experiences involving fans or people recognizing you at strange times?
Brent Everett: I hadn't noticed much until this last year... One experience comes to mind that was a bit strange. Me and my boyfriend were in a local movie store looking to rent a porn for the night. As we were looking through a few titles this couple came up and wanted an autograph and said they just finished watching me at home lol. I am actually a really shy person and I think I went many shades of red while the boyfriend was like "Yeah man no problem!" lol.

JuicyGoo: Pick one: a) Labatts b) Molson c) Moosehead d) Other (and if "d", what?)
Brent Everett: Well I usually drink martinis but when I do grab a beer it is usually a Kokanee.

JuicyGoo: Do you watch porn? If so, what might be some of your favorite movies, sites or other models? Is there a model out there you've not been in a movie with yet but really want to be?
Brent Everett: I do watch porn but don't really have a particular favorite. I do think Chi Chi Larue always has some great flicks and she is an awesome director :) As for any one model, that's too tough as there are a lot of guys in the industry that I wouldn't mind doing a scene with.

JuicyGoo: After the last presidential election here in the United States, a buncha people I know said they were pissed that George W. Bush won and were going to move to Canada. If they actually did move to Canada, where would you suggest they go?
Brent Everett: Vancouver is the best place in Canada, in my opinion. The men are hot, the city is beautiful, and the people in general are very laid back.

JuicyGoo: Of the things on this list, which ones have you actually seen in real life:
A. Polar Bear
B. Eskimo (not the CFL team)
C. The Northern Lights
D. A professional NHL player
E. A maple syrup factory
F. A dumb American who thinks that all Canadians play hockey, make maple syrup, and are eskimos that ride around on polar bares, silhouetted by the northern lights and say "eh" all the time
Brent Everett: LOL that's a loaded question huh. lol. I better play it safe and say "C".

JuicyGoo: I know you've probably been asked this one a million times, but how did you get in to the gay adult business? How did it all start?
Brent Everett: first got in to the business with my first boyfriend. He really wanted to try it so I thought "Why not?!"

JuicyGoo: Your tattoos are some of your signature, most distinguishable characteristics. Plan on getting any more soon?
Brent Everett: I would like to get some more work done but don't have anything drawn out yet.

JuicyGoo: I remember reading that you're from Alberta. I must admit I don't know a whole helluva lot about Alberta. Except that they have something called the "Stampede" every year and they also have the biggest shopping mall in the world in Edmonton. Have ya ever been to either? And if so, which is better? hehe.
Brent Everett: Yes I have been to both and the Stampede is no doubt much better. Can't go wrong with a hot cowboy!

JuicyGoo: Are there any movies you're working on now that we can look forward to seeing you in? Or online projects we can expect to see soon?
Brent Everett: Yes. I have started a production company with my boyfriend (Triple X Studios) and we will have our first release soon. As for online, I do have plans for my site in the very near future.

JuicyGoo: Is this the wierdest interview you've ever done and are you thinking "What the hell is wrong with this guy?!" right now?
Brent Everett: LOL actually I'm enjoying this interview. It's nice when the questions are not so serious.

JuicyGoo: When having sex, what's one thing that you absolutely looooooove having someone do to you? And is there any particular sexual experience you've had that stands out as one of the wildest and most intense?
Brent Everett: Of course I like many things done to me lol. But I really love when someone is very good at eating my ass lol.

JuicyGoo, after picking ourselves up off the floor and recovering from reading the last answer: The first question I asked in this interview was would you marry me. If you answered "no" or any variation of "no" back then, any chance you've since changed your mind by now? =P And if you said yes, who wears the dress?
Brent Everett: LOL you're still trying to get me in trouble over here, huh? lol

JuicyGoo: Had to try =P What's in your CD player right now?
Brent Everett: Dickey Doo. It's house music and the guy makes some kick ass tunes. He is a local DJ, just getting some international attention.

JuicyGoo: When you're not makin movies and workin on your site, what is it you like to do in your spare time?
Brent Everett: Shit... spare time is something of a dream these days, with the website and production company. It seems to take up all my time. If I do get a few hours then I go to beaches. In particular, Wreck Beach. It's clothing optional and I always have a great time there.

JuicyGoo: When you first started doin adult work, did you ever think you'd become so popular? When was the first time you really realized you had become so popular?
Brent Everett: When I started it was just for fun. the experience, etc. I would never have thought it would become a full time job. In the last year I have been receiving many great emails from fans across the world. I am very, very lucky to have so many people support my work. THANKS GUYS!!

JuicyGoo: You've died in a freak double penetration accident on the set of a flick one day and gone on to Heaven. At the pearly gates, St. Peter says "Brent! Welcome to Heaven. As your reward for having lived such a selfless life and generously bringing countless hardons and fantastic orgasms to your fellow man through your super hot movies, you get to have an orgy with any 5 guys you choose, be they famous celebrities, other porn stars, or the JuicyGoo.com webmaster (hint hint!). What 5 people do you choose?
Brent Everett: LOL... where do you come up with these questions? LOL. [Brazilian male model] Rafael Verga, [model and Playgirl coverboy] Charles Dera, [film actor] Dominic Purcell, not sure of his name but some hottie that works out at my gym (has a huge dick! lol. Seen him in the shower lol) and of course the current boyfriend! :)

JuicyGoo: Brent and his boyfriend are certainly a lucky couple! There ya have it, Gooers! Brent's not single, but he's still available... in a way! At his site you can check out the exclusive and original pics and vids, as well as chat it up with him live on cam! If that's not a dream come true, I dunno what is :) Thanks again, Brent, for bein' such a sport and taking the time to answer our questions and share some info about ya with all us adoring fans at JuicyGoo!
Brent Everett: Thanks so much for the support, guys! And hopefully I will get to chat with you guys on my live webshows.

[JG - I dunno about the rest of yas, but I'm all over that! Brent. Live. Chatting. With me (and you!). On Cam. RAWR! All I can say is... when Brent's having one of his live webshows at his site, don't expect any updates on JuicyGoo.com. We're most likely busy ;) hehehe]

Check out Brent Everett's exclusive, personal website - BrentXXX.com
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