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01/19/04 - BoysGoneBad.com


If there's one thing we know about JuicyGooers, it's that we love to check out amateur guys gettin' naked and gettin' off in public. Webcam pictures, amateur pics, Mardis Gras and Southern Decadence pics of guys whipping their dicks out or sucking eachother off in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, guys jumping on to their webcams and beating off, dudes taking pics of themselves and eachother and throwing them up online... it's all about voyeurism! Watching real guys have real sex in real places. Unrehearsed, spontaneous, and raw. Showing their dicks to anyone that's looking their way. It's hot!

BoysGoneBad BoysGoneBad

So when we heard about BoysGoneBad, we knew we had to get our naughty lil fingers on this website and check it out. BoysGoneBad is all about voyeurism and public sex and nudity. Roaming the streets of Mardis Gras parades, Southern Decadence and the Folsom Street Fair, their photographers are on hand whenever some shirtless hottie whips his dick out of his pants to show it off to the masses. And they throw it all on this site so that guys like us can come along and get off to it. Bless you!

BoysGoneBad BoysGoneBad

But they ain't just wandering around the streets snapping stills and shooting vids of strangers getting naked. In the wildest, craziest set of videos on BoysGoneBad - and some of the most intense porn footage we've seen in a long long while (which is saying a lot because we watch a crapload of porn!) the BoysGoneBad boys throw together an all out hardcore orgy in a bus in Vancouver with a buncha dudes they'd gone clubbing with earlier and let me say... the sex is friggin' unbelievable. We lost count of how many guys they had jammed in to this bus sucking, jerking, fucking and cumming their way around the dark streets of Vancouver. Few things are hotter than watching totally amateur, totally everyday, totally random guys having spontaneous sex!


But if you're anything like us, it's the two crazy twinks that'll capture your attention. On the bus with all the other boned up partygoers, these two hot twinks get involved in some mind-blowing sex. Watching them fiend over eachother's cocks, rim the living hell out of eachother, and bounce all over the back of the bus slobbering over just about every single inch of flesh on eachother's bodies... AHHH! Clean up... aisle 2! They even get out of the bus for a little while and have sex on the back of some big rig at a truck stop! What a couple of crazy bastards! We love it! We should make them honorary JuicyGooers. They get so deep in to eating out eachother's butts you'd think they'd start comin' out the other end!


The two of us that run JuicyGoo first entered BoysGoneBad all eager to check out the Mardis Gras and Southern Decadence action because we'd never been to either and wanted to see what it was all about. Plus, pics from it that we have on this site and have seen on others totally fascinated us. But by the time we'd checked out BoysGoneBad for awhile all we could think about doing was going to Vancouver! The Vancouver Booty Bus scenes definitely are some of the hottest bits of porn we've ever laid our naughty lil eyes on. Plus, we gotta find the two crazy twinks and find out what they think about 4somes ;)


BoysGoneBad is totally worth checking out. Especially if a taste for voyeurism, amateur dudes, and hidden cams - as well as a fascination with exhibitionist guys who get off on showing off - is something you got.

Loads of picture galleries exclusively shot by BoysGoneBad at wild parties like Mardis Gras, Southern Decadence and Folsom Street Fair, along with hours of video shot on the streets and in the rowdy crowds of these wild street parties - but most of all those 2 fantabulously sex-fiending Canadian twinks who will blow your mind while you blow your load over and over again - and exclusive and original footage of their own eye-poppin, nut-bustin sex parties and public naughtiness action makes BoysGoneBad oh so good, and scores them:

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn site, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd go there again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

Ride the Booty Bus at BoysGoneBad.com

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