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10/28/04 - BoysClub18.com


I'm not sure it's humanly possible to feature on one single site boys that are anymore twinkier than the boys of BoysClub18.com. I mean... there's twinks. Then there's twiiiiiinks. There's smooth, European boys. Then there's smooooooth, Europeaaaaaaan boyyyyyyys. BoysClub18 has smooooooth, Europeaaaaaaaan boyyyyyyy twiiiiiiiiiiinks. It's out of this world. It's amazing. We've never laid eyes on so many adorable, young, Euro cuties all in one place. And to think BoysClub18 is a relatively new site that's just rebuilt, redesigned, and restructured itself and that it's bringing us brand spankin' new, fresh and high quality photosets of some of the flat out cutest boys around and you know JuicyGoo is sure as heck lovin' every second of it.

The Boys of BoysClub18

To understand just what BoysClub18.com involves, ya gotta know their mission:To take an artistic approach in its offerings of erotic photography, with photosets combining both artistic and sexual poses, bringing out the best and revealing the very soul lurking inside of its young members.

The members are the boys of BoysClub18.com. The gorgeous, beautiful, cute as hell, adorable, sexual, playful and insanely erotic and bonerific boys of BoysClub18. Whoa momma, if there's ever been a club worth forming, it's this one. And it's growing, as well. In the month we've been a member of the site, there's been a brand new photoset uploaded on average of every single day! It's hard to find a website updated more frequently than this one, with full photosets of their twiiiiiiiiink models flooding your computer screen in a deluge of smooth, young, trim and beautiful Euro twink action that's almost impossible to keep up with. Someone should really tell BoysClub18's Webmaster Andy to slow down with the updates unless he wants to be the one to pay for the surgery once our penis falls off. Just when you think you've fired off enough goo too keep your balls empty for the rest of the week, he's throwing more smokin' hot BoysClub18 boys and photos at ya. A hundred monkeys on a hundred laptops couldn't keep up with all the masturbation this site inspires.

And these aren't just any photosets. True to the mission of the site, the images are ultra high resolution and high quality. In fact, the images you see accompanying this review have all been decreased in size and image quality significantly just so we don't overload our poor server showing them to ya! Hopefully it's just your rockhard wangs and twink-lovin' senses we overload here.

There are a few themes in particular that you should be aware of with BoysClub18 before venturing in to it. And don't say we didn't warn ya when you find yourself having spanked yourself so silly you're stuck soaking your cocknballs (that's one word here on JuicyGoo, by the way. "cocknballs") in ice to recover.

1. BoysClub18 boys like dildos.
2. BoysClub18 boys like feet.
3. BoysClub18 boys like shootin' their sweet loads on to random things and play with their jizz.
4. When BoysClub18 boys love to get naughty with other BoysClub18 boys.

There. You've been warned. So don't try and blame us when your eyeballs fly out their sockets and your wang gets hard so fast you rip a hole in your trousers. Think about poor little us! Unsuspecting JuicyGoo porn site reviewers with no idea what's in store once we log in to a site like BoysClub18.com and start checking out the photos. Without the slightest clue we're about to see a hot, smooth, young Euro twink sliding a thick vibrator deep in to his hairless hole while he strokes that uncut cock of his and fires off a juicy load all over his flat stomach. Argh!!! Imagine the shock and awe (boom!) when it's one gorgeous twink sliding that dildo in to his other gorgeous twink buddy's tight hole!!! Argh x2!!! And then pulls it out, lubes up that stiff cock of his and jams that home, deep inside a twink so tasty looking he should come in a Hostess wrapper!

Have mercy on our penises! It seems no surface is safe from being splattered in yummy twink goo in BoysClub18, whether it's a chest, face, table, tongue, TV remote (yes... TV remote!). In fact, I think I'm gonna apply for a job as the resident BoysClub18 spooge mopper and spend the rest of my days attending to the neverending gobs of goo blasted throughout the site - not to mention the adorable young twinks doin' the blasting.

It's no wonder where BoysClub18 got their name. All the boys are at least 18 years of age, but it sure as heck seems not a one is more than a few months beyond that. Spend a little time there and you'll swear any prospective club model/member that walks in the door 19 years old and up is turned away for being too old! (PS - if any 19 year old rejected BoysClub18 applicants are reading this review, you're more than welcome to apply to the JuicyGoo Webmaster's Black Book Club)

At the time of this review, there's no video on the site. In and of itself, that'd be quite the bummer. But fact of the matter is, the quality of the boys and the photography (every site should have image quality this good. We'd all be that much happier and satisfied) make you hardly even notice the lack of video. Furthermore, we've been told a new video section with frequent video updates is in the works. It'll be insane if that comes along. We best stock up on paper towels now!

Sometimes I wish I was a kitchen counter. Or a sheet.
For reals, this is a site you best keep your eyes on. That it's updated almost every single day, that the photo quality is so good, and that the models are some of the cutest young twinks you'll come across online means this site is goin' places. And you bet we're gonna follow them wherever they go, so long as we can keep up while tripping all over ourselves with our pants around our ankles and our tongues dragging across the floor in a horned up, dazed, twink-induced stupor. I don't think we'll ever get enough of Kris and Thomas and Jarrod and Levi and Ashley and Vinny and Marc and Max and Klausik and Tommy and Nikki and... whew. We best take a breath and finish off this review right now before our dicks get carried away and start masturbating themselves.

Ultra smooth, adorably cute, young twinks in superb quality photosets constantly updated in an endless stream of nut busting, twinkalicious splendor make BoysClub18.com worthy of a ball draining:

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn site, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd go there again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

Join the club at BoysClub18!

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