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01/22/04 - BoyFunk.com


The premise is simple:

- Find hot guys
- Flip on camera
- Get hot guy to jerk off

BoyFunk has taken the liberty to make a slight adjustment to that tried and true gay porn technique:

- Find super amazing cream your pants just by lookin' at his face hot guy
- Flip on camera
- Get super amazing cream your pants just by lookin' at his face hot guy to jerk off

BoyFunk BoyFunk

If you've seen some of our other JuicyGoo site reviews you'll notice that on this one, there are a bunch more pics than what we usually have accompanying a review. Fact of the matter is, we had a hell of a time trying to decide which ones to put on here! BoyFunk has so many hot boys and so many achingly hot pics that we had literally dozens that we wanted to put up here! But we couldn't :( Gotta stay focused... gotta stay focused... so we narrowed the dozens of hot pics of even hotter boys (while taking a break here and there to rub one out) to the ones you see here with this review.

And you people think this job is easy!!! Oh the suffering we go through to bring you guys these reviews. Sweating and toiling over these websites, forcing ourselves to study them in depth and present our findings to you. Viewing photo after photo, video clip after video clip. Rubbing ourselves raw and going hours on end without a single ounce of blood making it above our neck as we slave over these website reviews...
... ...
not buying it, eh?

BoyFunk BoyFunk

Ok, ok. Truth be told reviewing porn sites fuckin' kicks ass :) We do it cuz we like it. And it's sites like BoyFunk that make us like it so much.


Ever seen one of those porn clips with boys that are so damn hot you think "What the fuck?! How in the hell can guys this hot and this horny be out there getting naked on camera and firing off jets of cum all over themselves while I'm sitting here at a computer with my pants around my ankles and my own sore wang in my hand?!" Where the hell are these guys?! How do you find them?! Why aren't they in my bed/bathtub/rectum?!?


Can you tell we're a little ticked off right now?! BECAUSE WE ARE! WE WANT BOYFUNK BOYS FOR US! US!! The instant you log in to the site and see the 4 most recent updates right there in front of you to the time you spend navigating the super easy archive menu, one thing is plainly clear: These guys are insanely hot! And the photos and videos is exactly what we love oh so much. Hot guys in casual, homemade porn (the guys - in no particular order - lay back, chill for awhile, talk about themselves, chat with the photographer, play with themselves, laugh, smile, tease you, turn you on, stroke, chat a little more, touch themselves, get hard, stay hard, jerk off... finally reaching the point you've been aching for where they spray intense jets of cum all over their own chests or whatever is lucky enough to be in the way). Hot guys. Awesome quality streaming video. Hot guys. Loads and loads of pics. Hot guys!!


And BoyFunk doesn't go through and edit all their stuff. The videos? You see them all. The whole thing! So whether you want to sit back and get to know the gorgeous young boy who's stroking his cock before your very eyes by listening to him talk for awhile and observing his mannerisms and expressions or whether you just wanna skip to the incredible cumshots, it's entirely up to you!

Another thing we noticed about BoyFunk is they don't do something we see on so many sites that pisses us off so much - they don't zoom in on the dick right as it's about to shoot. The video clips we watched turned us on so, so much because you could see the hottie's face. Watch as his expression changes as he gets close to firing off that load. See his lips part and mouth hang open, his eyes close, the muscles in his smooth young body tighten up... *salivates*


There's something so unbelievably great about watching a really, really hot guy jerking off and busting a nut not like they're doing it for a porn site, but like they're doing it as they normally do in their own home, on their own bed, maybe in front of good buddy (who in this case happens to be holding a digital video camera!). If you get off on real guys in real situations like the ones in our amateur galleries here on JuicyGoo, you'll love BoyFunk!

More incredible photos than you'll know what to do with, full-length, uncut, unedited and raw video footage, some of the hottest guys you'll ever find in porn beating off big, thick, hard cocks (oh, and there's full on hardcore action sets as well!)... We can't get enough BoyFunk!

A Lot o' Nuts Oh yeah! Keep it comin'! Definitely oh so worth it! Hot like WHOA! A right good porn site, my fellow porn purveyor patron partisan partners! We'd go there again... and again... and again! We laughed! We cried! We came! We recommended it to our friends. This one's definitely a keeper. Forget the tissue paper. This one calls for the super absorbent industrial strength paper towels.

Bring on the funk at BoyFunk

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