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02/06/04 - BFCollection.com (Boy Fun Collection)


And now, JuicyGoo is pleased to bring you our indepth and thorough, totally comprehensive review of BFCollection.com:


Thank you. Have a nice day.

Ok, ok. But seriously.
HOLY. FUCKING. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

BoyFun BoyFun

There are a buttload of twink sites out there. We've said it before. You know it's true. We know it's true. The people who run twink sites know its true. Even the twinks know it's true! Everywhere you turn online there's another one that's either been around longer than the twinks on it or looks as if it's just sprouted up like the hairs on the twi... ok that would just be too easy.

So we here at JuicyGoo take reviewing twink sites very seriously (as you can tell). With a billion of them out there, we have to use a great deal of discretion when we review them because competition among them is so fierce. And so it's with a great deal of reservation and professionalism that we say the following about The Boy Fun Collection:

This is the mega twink site that sets the standard for all others.

BoyFun BoyFun

If you're in to twinks, then chances are you've been to BFCollection.com and spent many a wonderful time creaming your twinky to the loads of free pics and clips they offer up there. If you haven't, then you've been missing out on some of the absolute best twink porn out there. But as incredibly awesome as the free portion of BFCollection.com is, it's nothing compared to what awaits you inside the members area.
- Literally dozens upon dozens (we lost count at around 200) of amazing quality video clips.
- Tens of thousands (almost 200,000 in fact!) of softcore and hardcore photos.
- The cutest, most amazing, most twinkinest twinks on the world wide web.
- Updates so frequent you probably won't even be able to keep up.


Exclusive. Original. Available nowhere else but on BFCollection.com.


And seriously, BFCollection.com's exclusive models set the standard for twink porn. If they're not cute, they're adorable. If they're not adorable, they're irresistable. If they're not irresistable, they're beautiful. There's simply no other way of putting it. The only thing as mindboggling as the amazing looks of the boys on this site is the thought that BFCollection.com has somehow managed to go out there, find these boys, and take flawless quality video and still footage of them to share with us. Most of these boys really are nothing short of amazing. You've probably already seen many of them on other sites. On gay porn message boards. Had a friend send you a link to a photo of one saying "Holy cow this boy is hot!". Run across the odd photo here or there. But at BFCollection.com, they're all here in their entirety. It's BFCollection.com that found them and took those amazing photos and videos and it's at BFCollection.com that you'll find each and every pixel of these amazingly hot twinks!


And you won't just see these hotties strip down to reveal smooth, trim chests and soft skin. You'll get to hear them talk. See them laugh. Get interviewed by the lucky, lucky, lucky (WE ARE SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!!) photographer/cameran, then get to what you're dying to see and spank their hot twink meat off to soaking wet orgasm. WHEEEEEEEE! And the images are amazing quality, high resolution! And the videos are full sound with tremendous picture quality as well! Plus - and here's yet another awesome thing about BFCollection.com - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ALL OF IT! Save it all to your computer! A month or 2 on BFCollection.com could very well give you a lifetime supply of the most incredible twink porn around and be the best damn money ya ever spent online :)

Click the images above to see the larger sizes (even larger on BFCollection.com!)

BFCollection's exclusive and original content is without a doubt the best part about the site, but they also have awesome feeds, including Squirtz (Montreal boys! Ooh la la!) and CitiBoyz! Want to see just how hot these Boy Fun Collection Boys are? Check out the galleries for Brian and Sammy! They're our 2 absolute favorites on the site! But that's just our taste (though you'd probably agree, cuz we have flawless taste! hehe). There are hundreds of images of each of them at BFCollection, along with full length video!

Brian and Sammy

Once again... HOLY. FUCKING. WOW. The hottest twink boys on the Internet? Hundreds and hundreds of exclusive and original video clips shot by BFCollection for BFCollection members? Almost 200,000 photos? Interviews, jack off sessions, sucking, fucking, loads of sweet twinky cream - all downloadable!!! As of the day of this review (Feb 6, 2004) we've reviewed 53 sites. Only a handful have made it on to JuicyGoo. And BFCollection.com is one of just a precious few to be so good that it couldn't possibly receive anything less than:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to visit this porn site again! When we typed in the URL, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This site has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this website should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update JuicyGoo for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room surfing through this site.

Get the hell on over to BFCollection... NOW!!!

See what other JuicyGooers are saying about the BoyFun Collection, other JuicyGoo reviewed sites, and all the best (and worst!) gay porn sites online at the JuicyGoo Chat Boards!

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