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They are not presented here for distribution or duplication.

12/30/03 - BelAmiOnline.com

Bel Ami Online
Bel Ami Online

There's no shortage of gay porn out there. Anyone with a camera and a wild streak can have a site or video thrown together and offered up for sale in an instant. In a day where gay porn production companies are a dime a dozen, it really takes a lot to stand out from the masses. And standing out from and above the masses is exactly what Bel Ami has done for years. Bel Ami is perhaps the most recognized name in gay erotic video, and deservedly so. Having taken gay adult films to new levels with stunningly gorgeous - even flawless - models, a religious dedication to quality cinematography, and committed attention to detail with every production, it's only fitting that Bel Ami's website - Bel Ami Online - stay true to all that the Bel Ami name stands for.

Bel Ami

To enjoy Bel Ami's website is to truly lay eyes upon what a gay erotic website should be. BelAmiOnline's loyal and dedicated members have access to an online community complete with very active discussion boards, personal insight in to the lives of Bel Ami's world-famous models - Adonises like Lukas Ridgestone, Johan Paulik, Ion Davidov, and Sebastian Bonnet - sneak peak previews of Bel Ami's superstars of tomorrow, and exclusive programming and content not available anywhere else. Let me reiterate that last point - exclusive content not available anywhere else! And not just any exclusive content. Bel Ami exclusive content! The mastery of George Duroy made available to the lucky and grateful members of Bel Ami's site in series, videos, and photoshoots you won't find on VHS or DVD or in your local porn store or catalog.

Bel AmiBel Ami

I can't even imagine trying to guess just how much time you'd have to spend glued to your computer if you were to try and see all of what Bel Ami Online had to offer.

- Sneak preview access to new model applicant interviews and casting sessions
- Exclusive hardcore and solo video shoots available nowhere else but on BelAmiOnline
- Behind the scenes footage from movie shoots
- BelAmi's detailed and extensive model index and encyclopedias
- Daily updates of video clips, photo galleries, video captures
- Interviews with BelAmi's amazing models
- Online journals by models
- Discussion forums and chat, including scheduled live chats with models
- Special access to the latest Bel Ami news, video and product releases

As absolutely thrilled as I was to write this review and as overwhelmed as I was by the virtual smorgasbord of beautiful Eastern European models and a mountainous supply of hour upon endless hour of video, along with frame upon endless frame of photos, writing this review is probably one of the most hectic and difficult tasks I've ever had with JuicyGoo! I honestly did not want to leave their site to write this review and honestly had no idea how on earth I'd write a review that did the site justice. To talk about powerful blasts of cum across rippling hard chests and the smooth and silky skin, enormous uncut cocks, luscious bubble butts, and painfully hot faces of George Duroy's models almost seems too dirty for a site that inspires so much more than bone-rattling, earth-shaking orgasms. And oh my goodness their orgy scenes! Bel Ami has created a masterpiece! And it's but a point and click away from all of us!

Bel AmiBel Ami

- Lukas Ridgestone
- Johan Paulik
- Ion Davidov
- Tim Hamilton
- Sebastian Bonnet
- Dano Sulik
- Julian Armanis
- Josh Elliot
- Claude Cocteau
- Danny Saradon
- Oliver Krist

Bel AmiBel Ami
Bel Ami

They're some of the biggest names in gay porn and they're all having the hottest sex imaginable on BelAmiOnline. And they're not alone! Hundreds of Bel Ami's models - guys that make me want to auction off all my worldly possessions for the chance to visit Eastern Europe and say I've atleast walked on the same hallowed ground as them - as well as the newly discovered, fresh, next generation of future porn superstars are bursting through BelAmiOnline's seams.

George Duroy's Bel Ami has videos that are so hot and models that are so amazing that they could have gotten away with some half-assed site that overwhelmed us with beauty while lacking in anything original or meaningful. But rather than rest on their laurels, George Duroy and Bel Ami have created a gay porn Utopia online the likes of which only Bel Ami could accomplish.

Bel Ami

Bel Ami is the kind of porn site you join for life. A porn site that's not only guaranteed orgasm after guaranteed orgasm for as long as you're lucky enough to be a member, but also an experience above and beyond porn. Until they invent the Nobel Prize for Ejaculation and hand it to a deserving George Duroy, we humbly offer George Duroy and Bel Ami a thousand thank yous, and the one and only:

The Golden Nut!The Golden Nut!

Fuck it! I'm putting 2 of them here!
Because One Golden Nut Would Not Be Enough!

Take a deep breath, focus, and prepare yourself to be amazed... then get your ass on over to BelAmiOnline and blow more wads than a Vegas high-roller!!

All photographs © 1993-2003 George Duroy. All rights reserved. Bel Ami® is a registered trademark of George Duroy.

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