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Bel Ami's Todd Rosset
Todd Rosset's Stats
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 132
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue-Green
Position: Bottom
Sign: Aquarius
An up and coming bottom boy, is BelAmi's very own Todd Rosset. He is an adorable twink with a small frame and a nice cock, but his best feature is definitely his ass. Todd is a little homo bottom who loves to receive large cocks stuffed inside his asshole. He is very sports oriented and would like to pursue soccer training. This could explain how he is so flexible and bendy with his abilities of spreading his legs behind his head. Appearing in his first BelAmi video "A+" in 2005, the world was able to see the talents of this young lad. Since then he has graced us with numerous roles, including his last movie "Personal Trainers 10".

He considers himself rather mellow and prefers quiet evenings over clubs and discos. Thankfully, when performing in his BelAmi videos; he is a little wild ass terror who lovingly, yet aggressively, forces Euro twinks cock to split open his boy hole. The bigger the cock the better. All of his BelAmi cast mates cannot wait to tap his sweet little ass. Not only does he give up his ass well, but he can also suck a mean cock. His mouth naturally wraps around the contours of a dick and his deep throating abitlies are amazing. A notable BelAmi scene is with Jean-Claude Duvall & Josh Elliot with one cock deep in and the other being shoved hard into his mouth.

BelAmi's Todd Rosset may be young and a newbie, but this hot bottom has raw hot talent. Todd has over 12 pictures sets and 5 video sets of his ass being fucked, along with exclusive images of all his videos, online right now at BelAmiOnline.com

Todd Rosset's Gallery
Bel Ami's Todd Rosset Bel Ami's Todd Rosset Bel Ami's Todd Rosset
Bel Ami's Todd Rosset Bel Ami's Todd Rosset Bel Ami's Todd Rosset
Todd Rosset's Videography
With his hot eager ass, BelAmi's Todd Rosset is working his way through the porn industry from the bottom up!

belami a +  plus A +

Scene 3: Hot duo with Sebastian Bonnet

The Personal Trainers grade their top students!

belami flings 3 Flings 3

Scene 6: Todd with Davy Paxton.

When Strangers become lovers Our first Fling 'Double Fling' begins with newcomers Jean Ledoux and Kevin Elola out taking in some sites!

personal trainers 10 Personal Trainers 10

Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation. Experience the raw action and intensity of 4 new episodes as the beautiful BelAmi boys discover there's always something more!

bel ami tim hamilton.jpg Private Life of Tim Hamilton

Scene 5: Getting fucked by Danny Saradon

Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon, Lukas Ridgeston with Josh Elliot, Todd Rosset, Mikhail Ryzkov, Dano Sulik, Johnny Surabaya What they does in private, we show in public!

belami too many boys 2 Too Many Boys 2

As Johan explains at the beginning the film, life is so much easier riding on the success of Too Many Boys: Swimming Pools, Sebastian as a servant. Who could ask for anything!

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