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BEL AMI'S Benjamin Bloom
Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom
Benjamin Bloom's Stats
Height: 6' 0 "
Weight: 176
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Benjamin Bloom has the perfect dick, which is why BelAmiOnline.com was so eager to sign the blue-eyed blonde haired hottie up the second they saw him. Not too big, not too small, hair in all the right places, and always hard and ready to rock when the situation demands. It's the kind of dick that makes you want to call in sick for work and spend the day in bed swinging on his drool-worthy pole all afternoon long. Trust me, a good piece can make you do some some crazy shit.

According to the kids at BelAmi, Ben took "no convincing" to get to work with them, and was so excited to get started they put him on the "fast-track" to stardom. We're not sure exactly what that entails, but if it means we'll get the opportunity to see more of his beefy biceps and perfectly shaped pecs, then we're all aboard.

Playful and flirty, his first role in "Personal Trainers 9" may not make him a legend, but it's enough to keep this fun 22 year old on our radar for a long time; We can't wait to see Ben in full bloom for many a spring-times to come.

Benjamin Bloom's Gallery
Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom
Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom Bel Ami's Benjamin Bloom
Benjamin Bloom's Videography
Here are some hot videos Benjamin Bloom stars in from Bel Ami. You can view movies in Belami's SilverScreen Theatre.

training session Benjamin Bloom belami model Training Sessions

Benjamin Bloom & Sascha Chaykin

photosession of Benjamin Bloom Photosession

Benjamin's Photosession video

Belami personal trainers video Personal Trainers 9

Part 1 - Benjamin Bloom & Sebastian Bonnet

PinUps Blondes from Belami video Pillow Talk

The 5 couples in ‘Pillow Talk 2’ prove that the most intimate conversations are the ones without words.

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