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12/01/03 - Barebacking Across America by TipoSesso

Barebacking Across AmericaBarebacking Across America

Let's face it. If there's one thing this world - or at least this reviewer - desperately needed, it was a quality bareback porn flick with guys we actually want to see having sex in it. Along came TipoSesso to the rescue. One of the newest gay adult video production companies out there, specializing in young guy and twink bareback videos, has brought us what we've been waiting for all this time... and did I mention it has Brent Everett? If you don't want his babies now, you sure as hell will once you see this flick...

The video includes several episodes, following smooth, tight-bodied young guys across this great land of ours engaging in sizzling, condom-free sex.

There's not a disappointing scene in the film, with a trio of couples taking turns sucking, rimming, and fucking their way to blistering orgasm after orgasm.

Two of the scenes on this flick are definite must see material.

First, there's smokin' hot Brent Everett gettin' wild and raunchy with a fiery redhead. Ya know those porn scenes that become the most-played portion of the tape? Where you end up forgetting about everything else on the video because that one segment is so freakin' hot you can't be bothered to watch anything else? Those precious minutes of footage guaranteed to get you off over and over again no matter how many times you see it? This is undoubtedly one of those. Brent's got to be one of the hottest boys to hit the porn scene in a long, long time. And to see him getting railed up the ass raw and loving every minute of it? Taking his partners thick, long dick in every imaginable postion, the camera catching it from every possible angle...Or him using his monster cock on his redhead buddy and driving it in to him deep? Oh lord, more please! You'll probably wanna cream your shorts when you catch a glimpse of Brent on the box cover while taking it out of the wrapping, so if you make it this far in to the video before being spent, I salute you!

But don't think this video's got but one raging hot scene to sell and that's that. Because the final bit of action is porn mastery, as well.

Barebacking Across AmericaBarebacking Across AmericaBarebacking Across America

Set in a seedy public restroom in a park apparently frequented by big-dicked college boys, Barebacking Across America's finale is a true treat for anyone who made it past the Brent Everett scene without dying of dehydration first. In a nutshell? Boy goes in to restroom. Boy sees dick come through glory hole. Boy sucks dick. Boy sees dick come through other glory hole. Boy sucks that dick too. Viewer nuts all over the place. The end.

Ok ok, there's more. Boy gets fucked by dick through glory hole. Boy gets covered in cum. Boy gets fucked some more! And more! Then some more. Then a little more! Oink! What a little piggy. He never even sees who the dicks fuckin' him belong to. Neither do we, in fact. Which makes it that much hotter.

Raw sex. Cum facials. Cum eating. Fucking, cumming, then stickin' that cum-drippin' cock back in that raw hole for some more post-nut piledriving?

It's like TipoSesso read your naughtiest fantasies and made a movie out of em.

All New Movie Review
All New Movie Review

It's with great pride that JuicyGoo.com awards TipoSesso's Barebacking Across America the most highly coveted porn movie rating on the entire Internet (well, far as we care, anyways):

The Golden Nut!
Barebacking Across America and Other TipoSesso Titles

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