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01/15/04 - AWOLMarines.com


Note: We've blurred out some of the faces and unique tattoos that accompany this review. These guys are real Marines, almost all of which are still in the Marine Corps. On AWOLMarines.com, there is no blurring, no pixelating, and obscuring of faces or any parts of these incredibly hot guys' bodies. But since JuicyGoo is a free site that doesn't require a membership, we didn't want to risk exposing any of these guys. Again, everything is shown on AWOLMarines.com. Everything! And we assure you the guys we had to blur out are hot!!

New!AWOLMarines is newer and better than ever! With 12 months worth of archived, full videos (that's 12 months of daily updates - over 360 archived videos of hot, straight, studly Marine boys!) Along with a brand new interface and their regular daily updates (EVERY DAY A NEW VIDEO!), as well as a new categorized video menu so you can search for the kinds of hot Marine action you want to see. THIS SITE IS A MUST SEE!!
New!Click Here To See AWOLMarines Archive ScreenshotNew!

Marines. They're hot. No question about it. Those high and tight hair cuts and their cocky and confident demeanor. Even the uniforms alone are almost enough to make us bust a nut on sight. Gay guys love Marines. Love em! Can you imagine living near a Marine base and having an endless supply of dripping hard jarhead cocks to suck on? It's homosexual heaven! AND SOMEONE ACTUALLY LIVES THAT LIFE! The bastard!!

His name is Bobby. He lives somewhere around San Diego. And he makes porn. Marine porn. Straight Marine porn. Straight Marines doing gay things porn. Straight. Marines. Doing. Gay. Things. Porn. STRAIGHTMARINESDOINGGAYTHINGSPORN! Sorry, we just love saying that. He is the infamous and amazing Bobby behind Bobby's Marines.

AWOLMarines AWOLMarines

This review is probably a mess of incoherent babble 'cuz we're still so blown away at what we saw when reviewing the three sites located at AWOLMarines - FHBMarineInfo, BobbysMilitaryMen, and the AWOLMarines paysite. FHBMarineInfo is a free site that tells the story of who this Bobby guy is and how he gets these Marines to do what they do on camera. BobbysMilitaryMen is also free, requiring just an AVS to get in and check out all that's inside. And the AWOLMarines paysite is the gold mine! AWOLMarines is the Holy Grail of straight Marine porn. It has a new full length video clip on it every day - EVERY DAY! - of some smokin' hot straight Marine boy jerking off (and oftentimes getting sucked off by either Bobby or his hot young twinky friend... or even fucking Bobby up the booty!) either solo or with some Marine buddies. And since the videos are so hot and you'd be lucky to make it through one in a sitting without dying of dehydration, there are archives on the site of every video that's appeared on it for the last 12 months!

Just do the math! A new video every single day, with 12 months worth of archives of every single video that's appeared in that time. When we reviewed AWOLMarines we watched dozens of these videos over the span of hours. And we haven't even seen half of them yet!


Not to mention all the photogalleries, and live video conference chat! So if you have a webcam, you can fire it up, chat with, and watch other Marine fans. Us JuicyGooers love a little voyeurism and exhibitionism, so you know we dig that feature. If you see us chatting on AWOLMarines, just don't tell our mommies.

And listen... there's a bazillion "straight military guy" sites out there. Every where you look there's some site claiming to have straight military guys on it. But upon close inspection - or obvious right from the start - these guys have no idea how to wear a military uniform. They have long hair. Big sideburns. Open their mouths and their purses fall out. They're so obviously not in the military. What are we?! A bunch of idiots?! We're sick of seeing all this fake military guy porn crap. WE'RE MAD AS HELL, AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!


Which is what is so damn awesome about AWOLMarines! It's so obvious these guys are really, really, REALLY super hot straight Marine boy studs. Each video clip starts off with them talking to Bobby. You hear that squared away Marine-speak. The southern twangs. You see the dogtags. The tattoos. Watch them talk about girlfriends, boot camp, duty, training in totally unrehearsed and uncoreographed footage.

You watch as these sexy Marines go from being as straight as can be to letting Bobby schlob their knobs! AHH! It's all so real, so hot, and so crazy that it will blow your friggin' mind!


So here's the deal. Check out FHBMarineInfo. It's totally free. No registration required. No nothing. Read all about who Bobby is and how he gets these Marines to do what he does. If you have an AVS, check out BobbysMilitaryMen. Register there and see free pics and video from the site. And for the REAL gold? AWOLMarines. With month upon month of daily video clip updates of the hottest straight Marines having gay sex on camera, it'll drain so much JuicyGoo outta you that you'll need an IV drip to stay alive.


AWOLMarines AWOLMarines

If you love straight Marines beating their meaty Marine cocks off on camera, spewing jets of Marine cum all over their ripped bodies, and even engaging in a little "Don't ask, Don't tell" action, you'll agree that AWOLMarines deserves nothing less than:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to visit this porn site again! When we typed in the URL, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This site has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this website should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update JuicyGoo for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room surfing through this site.

March on over to AWOLMarines.com

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