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04/05/04 - Bel Ami's An American in Prague

An American in Prague
An American in Prague

An all-American jock, Chance, arrives in Prague to audition for a forthcoming Bel Ami video. Always-horny Johan Paulik is enlisted as his tour-guide/companion. Over the next four days, they explore Prague`s vibrant nightlife, and Johan thoroughly checks out Chance`s sexual prowess. From teasing to oral play to a wild ménage-a-trois to pulse-pounding one-on-one anal action, Chance proves himself a worthy addition to the Bel Ami fraternity

And the DVD:

Johan Paulik and Chance star in "An American in Prague," one of Bel Ami`s best selling titles on video. This Special Collector`s Edition 2-disc set contains the original film as released on VHS plus approximately 5 hours of bonus material, including documentary footage, unedited footage and unused episodes. Also included is a newly created featurette, "Prague: An Intimate Guide" hosted by Jeff Daniels.

If you don't have this movie, you ain't a Bel Ami fan. Plain and simple. hehe. An American in Prague is absolutely one of the biggest titles ever released by Bel Ami and one of the most popular movies in gay porn. And for good reason. It's got All American superstar Chance - the first ever circumsized boy to ever show up in a Bel Ami flick - making a super special appearance alongside some of the hottest boys in the Bel Ami stable, including Johan Paulik. George Duroy first saw Chance and knew he had to get him in a Bel Ami movie, and what followed was one of the hottest porns ever made. I definitely own this one, and can't get enough of the hot hot closing scene where Chance tops Johan. It's gay porn gold! This movie was the best selling gay video of 1998, so a great many porn lovers agree that it's a must-have. Chance's big American cock pounding Johan's tight European hole. Argh! I love it!

And the DVD! Wow. The original film, along with 5 hours of bonus material! Documentary footage, unused episodes, unedited footage. If you thought the VHS version was all you could handle, wait 'til you check out the DVD. It's amazing. And for those of us longing to see Chance in more Bel Ami action, it's incredible. Bel Ami knew their fans were in love with this movie and dying to see more of it so they spared no expense in making the DVD version a true collector's item.

This movie's not only great for it's couplings of Chance and Johan but also the fact that every other scene in it - even if Chance and Johan aren't involved - is amazing. Some truly beautiful Bel Ami boys sucking, fucking, rimming, jerking, and blowing load after load of sweet Euroboy cream all over one another. And Johan does mighty fine in this flick even without Chance. The first scene of the movie, where he goes ballistic on a gorgeous young Dominik Filla's ass is priceless. The looks on Dominik's face leave no doubt that Johan tops like a stud and knows how to give it to a guy good.

Without a doubt one of the top Bel Ami movies of all time, and also one of the hottest and most popular gay porn flicks from any studio, An American In Prague needs to be in your collection. It'll give you endless quality jerk off sessions for as long as you own it. :) And with all the bonus footage - it's like getting an extra 2 whole porn movies! - along with the original, we suggest you check out the DVD.

Bel Ami's An American in Prague stars:

- Johan Paulik
- Chance
- Dominik Filla
- Sergei Grigoriev
- Karl Tenner
- Gerard Kilian
- Janos Fekete
- Adam Jannin
- Sascha Fetisov
- Nikolas Vernant

At Bel Ami Online, you can see tons of screen captures like the ones on this page from An American in Prague, watch video clips from the movie, as well as get off to tons and tons of other hot pics and vids from Bel Ami!

Bel Ami's An American in Prague

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This film gets...

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