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American Way 3

09/27/04 - Kevin Clarke's The American Way 3: Love

American Way 3
American Way 3

First off... let me start this review by saying:

If you were one of the models in this movie, please marry me.

Ok, now that we got that outta the way...

How appropriate in this election season we review a movie so patriotically titled "The American Way 3: Love"

Sure enough, your wang will be saluting the TV screen the entire time this movie's playing. Because it's hot! The movie is hot, the action is hot, and the models are hot. Some of the hottest models ever gathered in one porn flick, without a doubt. Hotter than a basket fulla freedom fries fresh outta the fryer!

American Way 3
Among the oh so tasty twinks to pack this all out American twink fest are:

Ashton Ryan
Caleb Andrews
Trevor Brighton
Shane Glacier
Dean Stamos
Scott Vallon
Travis Wilde
Ethan Fischer and
JuicyGoo fave, Seth Ryan

And it's the last on that stellar cast list that made this movie a special one for us from the get go. Seth Ryan. This sexy, oh-so-fuckable blondie busted out on to the porn scene in The American Way 3... and then disappeared! It's his only porn movie (that we know about, at least... and we checked and asked and dug around and found no others) so that right there makes it a special find.

American Way 3American Way 3

Not to mention the fact that it has (director) Kevin Clarke's ever-present twink superstar, Ashton Ryan. Ashton became a star with Clarke's first two flicks in this series, The American Way and The American Way 2: Lust. Just about any movie he shows up in is sure to be a twink-lover's fave, and this movie is no exception as Ashton and the rest of the boys are put to work in a hot as hell movie that shows each one of them off exceptionally.

You dedicated twink-lovers will also get an extra special stiffy outta Travis Wilde and Caleb Andrews, two boys that epitomize what it is to be a twink. Boyishly cute, smooth, shining faces, and horny as all heck!

Seriously, you'll watch this flick and see these hotties and become addicted to each and every one of them. The only thing this movie does better than satisfy your need to bust a massive nut is make you eager and desperate for more nut busting, fantabulous porn viewing pleasure with these hot boys. More, more, more!!! More Ashton! More Caleb! More Travis! MORE SETH! More all of them! Trevor and Shane and Scott and Dean and Ethan and Clifton! Even Evan in the ski mask!

American Way 3American Way 3

We don't think it'd be the slightest exaggeration to say that this cast is perhaps one of the most nut-bustingest ensembles ever to grace a single flick. There's not a single boy in this movie that won't make your balls ache. Even the uncredited surprise hotties will make you slobber, drool and shoot.

From the moment young Travis gets his smooth and hairless hole pounded by Shane in the first scene, you know you're in for a brilliant porn flick that's gonna make you blow your wad at least once every scene. We had to watch it in like 30 different sittings 'cause we kept gettin' too tired out from wanking and spanking over and over and again and again with each scene!

Hottie Trevor also takes his turn gettin' his rear filled with twink dick by all American boy Scott. Now, you and me both know how so many porn flicks out there are. You latch on to a scene or two that you like the most and the rest fall by the wayside, rarely if ever getting watched. Some movies only have a scene or two to offer, or perhaps a single model worth watching. And after this flick's first scene, where Travis and Shane raise the bar insanely high for the rest of the scenes to try and match, you might find yourself thinking you've seen what there is to see. Well, think again! Because Trevor and Scott are hot, and their fuck scene is sizzling. Oh, and it keeps coming. And so do you!

American Way 3American Way 3

And if you make it through scene two alive, you're in for a wild sight with scene three! In it, Ethan and Dean go to work on one another poolside. Ethan's an eager cocksucker, his throat bouncing up and down on Dean's big wang and deepthroating him to the hilt. And just when you think you've seen everything there is to see in porn, Clarke busts out with a scorcher that'll blow you away. Ethan sucks off Dean and himself at the same time! Yeah, you heard me. Ethan shows off his skills by sucking his own cock for a little autofellatio action under the sun, and Dean feels a little left out so sticks his cock in Ethan's face to spice things up even further. You gotta see it to believe it. Finally, suntanned Dean rams milky white Ethan's ass like mad and we're left gasping for air and totally overwhelmed when scene 4 comes along to abuse our wangs even more.

Clarke gives his kinky side a whirl in this one, collared and bound Travis getting tag teamed and worked over by Ethan and Dean on a pool table as they smack him around with their big, hard cocks and Ethan nails his hole silly. And while this uber-hardcore action goes on at the pool table, there's some wild and naughty sex taking place in the bathroom as well between a ski mask-wearing twinkie, Scott and Trevor.

One thing you'll notice immediately in this film is how every single inch of every single cock in it is a sight to behold. These twinks ain't just hot and horny. They're hung! And they love their sex! There's not a single second in this entire flick where one of these yummy fellas looks anything but totally in to everything they're doing. Few things make us lose our stiffies more than a porn flick where the actors look like they'd rather be out playing miniature golf or getting a root canal and could care less about the sex they're in the middle of. Well, don't worry about that in The American Way 3! These boys ain't acting. They ain't making porn. They're fucking. Flat out, super hardcore, intense fucking. And there just happens to be a camera there capturing it all for us!

American Way 3American Way 3

Don't believe me? Check out the load Travis shoots on the pool table while Ethan's rammin' his thick, long dick in to Travis' hole. At first you think Ethan's gonna split poor Travis in two! Travis' ass couldn't possibly look any tighter, but Ethan goes to work on it like there's no tomorrow and Travis shows his appreciation by flooding that pool table in so much jizz you half expect them to go for a swim in it afterwards. How does so much cum shoot outta such a small twink? He musta shot half is body weight in goo!

Scene 5 features Ashton stroking himself off while he reminisces about some of his adventures in past American Way movies. Almost like a "Best Of" collection from The American Way and The American Way 2, scene 5 cuts in and out between Ashton standing at a window and pounding is pud and clips of previous movies where he's gettin' wild and naughty in the prequels. Fucking and sucking and countless loads, along with the hottest boys from the first two movies making flashback cameos, culminating in Ashton blasting his wad all over the window and opening the way to the final, goo-blasting scene of this amazing flick.

American Way 3American Way 3

Now, we all know how much JuicyGoo loves Seth Ryan. But just because we'd sell a testicle for him doesn't mean he's the only hot thing in this scene. Caleb Andrews is flat out gorgeous. Amazing. About as sexy as they come. Hell, he'll practically make you shoot your load just by seeing his pic on the DVD jacket!

So throwing Seth and Caleb in to a scene together? Oh, fuck yes! These two boys go at it, with long and intense blowjobs, 69s, and fingering action leading up to Caleb sliding his rock hard cock in to Seth's tight young twink hole. Now, it's hard to get hotter than Caleb Andrews fucking Seth Ryan. That in and of itself is like the pinnacle of porn. But then a 3rd boy shows up and a sizzling 3some ensues and... *drumroll!!!!!!!!*

American Way 3American Way 3

Seth Ryan takes 2! He gets double dipped! He gets double fucked! 2 cocks! One hot hole. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaly moly! That's gold right there, people! Caleb Andrews and Clifton Jeffries burying their hard cocks in to Seth's ass, nailing him silly until the cum is flying every which way - including all over your sofa and remote and sheets and carpet and coffee table and dresser and tv screen!

Kevin Clarke has created a full on masterpiece here with this flick. We're all incredibly lucky few if any flicks are as hot as this one, else we'd all have jerked our cocks straight off our bodies a long time ago. This is the kind of movie you'll watch over and over and over again, rendering every other flick in your collection useless and forgotten.

American Way 3American Way 3American Way 3

With 4+ hours of footage on the DVD, including cast interviews with all of these stunningly gorgeous boys, director's commentary (we half-expected Kevin Clarke to reveal that he is, in fact, immortal and superhuman here, thus explaining how he created such an amazing movie, but he didn't), trailers of other Clarke flicks, and other neat things, the special features and feature presentation on this disc make it one of the best buys in all of porn.

This movie will draw more semen outta you than a nymphomaniac vacuum and make you the happiest porn watcher on the planet. It's a work of porn art, and there's no way in heck we could ever give The American Way 3: Love anything less than:

The Golden Nut! We'd trade or own mother for a chance to see this movie again! When we opened the box to pull the tape out and put it in to the VCR, angels sang in the distance and a golden brilliance filled the room. This movie has contributed to more of our orgasms than the stinky sock we had hidden under our bed all throughout high school and affectionately called "Crusty". Everyone involved in the production of this movie should get a statue made in their likeness. When we fail to update this website for a week or two? It's most likely because we're locked away in the screening room watching this movie.

All photographs RADVideo.

Check out The American Way 3 right now!

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 American Way 3:

Caleb Andrews
Travis Wilde
Trevor Brighton
American Way 3


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